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Still no word from Yanko on when to expect new shoes back and they still have my old shoes they made black. They sure are hard to communicate with.@patinePL I might take you up on your kind gesture and contact you to see if you have better success of communicating with Yanko because I sure haven't.
Here is a bit of both: brand new damaged shoes
Great looking boots, who makes them?
Yes, burgundy
How do they fit? Are they unlined and how supple is the leather?
I tried some Kemptons on the 026 last about 10 years ago and I found them to be short and wide. Didn't work for me. Pimlico does work for me (slightly longer, same width as 026). I don't know if they changed the 026 last in the meantime.
Could not agree more with the post above. If only they would offer free international shipping as most of their competitors do they would be top of the line.
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