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They good ol' retailtherapy4all days ;-)
Does anyone have experience with resoling Grenson G-zero / Masterpiece shoes by Grenson themselves? Will they be resoled with the same quality sole with hidden channels? Also, will they just do a standard resole, or also replace the welt and inner sock, laces etc?
Some additional pictures:They differ from my current Church sahara boots in that the vintage pair are fabric lined instead of fully leather lined.
Can anyone date these pre-Prada Church sahara boots?
Great collection!
Same goes for their Euro prices, also way overpriced if you just convert de GBP prices to EUR.For instance: Their Brixworth Balmoral Boot is 385 UKP and 575 EUR on their site. Converting 385 UKP to EUR comes at about 450 EUR.I don't have a clue why they are using these conversion tricks but it keeps me away from buying from them.
Yes indeed
Here is a comparison between a AS for Herring 1966 single monk and AS for Paul Stuart (Stuart's Choice) double monk:
I don't completely agree. I own a pair of boots on the 525 last and the shaft is way too roomy as mentioned before in this thread. To me this is a design flaw. Also, when using them in wet weather, the leather heel stacks got soaked and soft resulting in a disformation of the stacks.I also own a pair of cordovan shoes by Yanko and I am not impressed by the quality of the cordovan. When the shoes got some rain drops on them a lot of spots started to form that won't come out...
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