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I'd be interested in some pics as well please.
price drops! Added a pair of trousers!
price drops!
Ermenegildo Zegna by Incotex, 58R, 42US, Mid-grey, flat front, mid-weight staple dress pant. Retail Tagged: $595, Price Here $139, [b][color="Red"]$125, $115.00, $105.00 [color="Magenta"] $95.00 shipped in CONUS/Canada $85 shipped in CONUS/Canada Measurements: Waist: 42 Rise: 11 Inseam: 36 Leg Opening: 8 5/8 Closet Cleaning Ties L -> R Altea ($20), Zegna ($30) slight pull, Zegna ($25) slight pull Alcione ($20), Zegna ($35), Paolo Da Ponte (not for...
Are either of these still available?
Any others that can be recommended outside of the city proper? I had an older gentleman named Luciano up here in Vaughan do some work many moons back. After moving away from the city for a few years and then returning I was sad to see he had closed up shop. Now I'm looking for a replacement.
CK is a great seller, but I unfortunately have sent a relinquishing pm on 31 and 32, guys they are available again go nuts
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum I think he was relatively tactful. I do see where he's coming from, it would be a shame if this forum got overrun and turned into a generic womens clothing forum, but unlike him I really don't forsee much likelihood of that happening. This was my point. 53,428 members. What a handful of women? The first time I had seen a lady post here. If it had been 10-20 I could have understood the concern. I am...
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer Outstanding, Mr. A! Thanks for the lead and the link. My dear lady, I'm afraid I have to cut in here and express a concern. I'm all for women posting on these boards in general and in this thread in particular. However, I think that posts in the Men's Clothing Forum, whether by men or women, really ought to be about men's clothing. If just a few more women were to follow your lead and post pictures of their...
Quote: Originally Posted by barims We've not had a black tie ensemble in a month (a strong showing from luftvier). From my main GH partner in crime/cousin's 'Bow Ties and Cleavage'-themed birthday party: The DJ is a vintage Savile Row textured silk brocade number that was recommended to me by Ich_Dien and purchased through MC B&S; I've included more than one shot due to the way it catches light I know that Bull has been sighted on this thread, so I'd...
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