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If your suit is as some others have suggested in this thread, a "black and white" type nailhead like the above.....matching with brown may be a little tricky.
Anyone know where I can find all these supplies in one place, online?
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 Fire Drill Tuesday ... Sensational!
Jreigen is a fantastic seller. Quick, courteous, top-notch stuff.
Why is TC (houston) not on this list?
[/quote] Nice!
08/30 - Ties to the bay, Zegna Charcoal Wool Pants Dropped!
Quote: Originally Posted by Confucius Really tempted to pull the trigger, but I notice these are bigger than the 'originals' sported by PG, DTO et al. Any chance you can cut these smaller? Or do you get them pre-cut? +1
Quote: Originally Posted by CC-1 It's hard to come up with something really good but you might want to take a hint from the Canucks who have the same problem as us but in spades. Check out Pajar (sold at Harry's near Zabar) Pajar has an awkward but thorough website. Do not throw up immediately before looking at the whole men's line. The boots are mostly pull on/off and guaranteed waterproof. They have a very good rep. My daughter and two sisters have had...
08/25 Price drops - trades +/- CASH for OCBDs and shoes welcome
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