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This is hardly an accessory. This is something I would want to acsexorize.
^^ try earnest sewns or diesel viker (straight leg) Japanese raw - go Pure Blue Japan 005 or Studio D'Artisan 103s - and size up, size up!
Chelseas look great with slim pants.....under jeans, odd trousers, and suits. Calling DOC.
Sunday Love this! Deets on this bag PG!
SOLD thanks for all the interest, sorry i didnt get back to everyone....
10D but narrow so better for a 9.5....i have worn them 3 times in 2 years....always stored with trees. Price on them when I sold them in 2008 was - SOLD
i like her lapel flowers.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc We have a whole thread about them here: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=115841 +1 a wonderful thread started by rach with definitive comments and opinions per brand.
Brown Cotton Zegna inco;s gone, last drop trades/offers considered!
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