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me 3 how are the SP pants - pmed.
great watch...good luck with the strap (bump)
Quote: Originally Posted by footprints I will soon be moving to a place with a real winter...eastern Canada. ) eastern as in Newfoundland - or eastern as in eastern ontario/ottawa? a little different - especially as some posts have live in a city or suburb.
stowa second hand.....hamilton, tissot, seiko spirit
pmed about HF
dang...those ties are great.....wish i were quicker...have to become a vampire to buy on here!
I actually quite like the tan...i think it can serve the same purpose when coordinating with mid to dark brown shoes...but not black. whatever you choose, ur first choice (the watch) - is awesome!
Quote: Originally Posted by triniboy27 Can someone place an order for me? They don't ship to Canada... +1
i'm fairly new here but.....54 pages on the black suit thread...and no one objects to this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff Interesting. I wonder how many who think that it is alright to look down on the black suit would be appalled or irate if someone judged them for an item they were wearing? +1
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