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Quote: Originally Posted by HEARTLESS-531 Ok. Ok. I've been buying Mabitex like crazy the last two days. Where's the love for the 36W guys? Damn, all you vegetarian 34s are killing me. I just thought we would see more offering in the 36W (52). Heartless bassterdzz! What about the the 38s around here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bull Danish, of Polish descent. She's a joy to watch. She clobbers the shit out of the ball and her hustle is crazy. Women's sports bore the hell out of me, with the exception of tennis. These girls are really fucking good. here she is in action
Up for sale is a gorgeous BNIB pen, just used to see if it writes, that I received after graduate school in 2007. Pen retails for $395.00 in the US and $455.00 in Canada. See it here http://7avecollector.stores.yahoo.net/modoblbapen.html My Price: $325.00- > $300.00 -> $285.00 last drop Shipped CONUS/Canada Actual pictures available if there is interest, i'm too lazy right now.
Another Drop!
CasmiRadon, Grayland, Lefty, and Drizabone - all smooth transactions, pleasuring deal with you all. Spaniard
This is hardly an accessory. This is something I would want to acsexorize.
^^ try earnest sewns or diesel viker (straight leg) Japanese raw - go Pure Blue Japan 005 or Studio D'Artisan 103s - and size up, size up!
Chelseas look great with slim pants.....under jeans, odd trousers, and suits. Calling DOC.
Sunday Love this! Deets on this bag PG!
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