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^^^freakin awesome. Quote: Originally Posted by TC (Houston) No I was just holding the phone because I was expecting a call. LOL FAIL. On the one time you should have just "went with it" and took undue credit
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi I pm-ed Max this morning - hopefully they're still around (and fit my biga$$ foot ) Boys all gone! Honestly not that much better than what you can get on SF on the other stuff except for one Canali Camel coloured Wool-Angora-Cash SC with patch pockets in size 52R. Everything else is so overpriced to start that the 50% discount does little to match SF B&S prices. Now to those who bought the...
To the Canadian SF Contingency; JLs at Vaughan Mills HR Last Call; Sizes I saw; 6, 7, 8 1/2 and a beauty black captoe in 13D. Prices were tagged at $425 - $ 689 - 30%!!!!! Nothing that fits me
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Casual New England Fall Friday: [click photograph for gigantic version if you wish] Steed (Edwin DeBoise) bespoke 3 roll 2 jacket in Scabal 12oz two-ply tweed, three patch (for those of you who care, this is a model with the front cut, swept-cut fronts, and vintage, curvy A&S patch shapes) Dege and Skinner (Robert Whittaker) bespoke shirt, barrel cuffs E.G. Cappelli (for A Suitable Wardrobe) lined...
trying to pm you.. your inbox is full.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria - B this is the shizzel. I gotta get me a DB camel coat like this. [/CENTER as is this^^
received mine today! Fantastic pants, great seller!
nice one at BB§ionsize=
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Yes, and didn't you just?
Quote: Originally Posted by Snidely Whiplash OK, I have searched this forum for an answer to this question, and haven't seen any conclusive advice as to which makers (e.g. Canali, Caruso, Isaia, etc.) or designers (RLBL or RLPL, Gucci) etc. make suits that are the best fit OTR for people with muscular (not fat) builds and shoulders that are broad and legs that are thick in proportion to the rest of their bodies, such that OTR suits with jackets that fit...
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