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Last post locked up...... Up for sale is a gorgeous BNIB pen, just used to see if it writes, that I received after graduate school in 2007. Pen retails for $395.00 in the US and $455.00 in Canada. See it here http://7avecollector.stores.yahoo.net/modoblbapen.html My Price: $325.00- > $300.00 -> $285.00-> $270.00 last drop shipped CONUS/CANADA (extra for increased insurance pm me) Actual pictures available if there is interest, i'm too lazy right now.
December Drops!
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese It's because it's a Tuesday. I almost died like four times in the parking lot outside the liquor store today. It was like everyone woke up and went FUCKING NUTS, and decided that TODAY was the day that they were all going to be fucking idiots. I swear to god and satan and cthulhu and even the great lord xenu, this shit happens every fucking Tuesday. I don't know why I bother to leave the house. I should just stay...
More Drops - Offers Welcome!
great brands for the larger guy.....hey guys my job allows me to go casual at least one or two days a week.....what brands do you suggest for the larger guys? the usual suspects are just too small in most of their offerings, what do you say... is there hope?
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese down the drain i don't even know what i want anymore killer style needs no improvement.
Looking for a boot......like the wolverine ascot....but with a lug sole to be dressed up with simple dress pants/chinos and a cardigan, to jeans and buttondown. I prefer a lug sole, for moderate winter use. Lets hear them recommendations.
Quote: Originally Posted by 7_rocket Hey guys, just a quick question before I pull the trigger and buy these locally. Would these look decent with dress pants for winter? I'm looking to buy boots that could pass with dress pants when I leave my dress shoes at the office. Thanks! what about wolverine ascot, darby, or burton from the 1000 line...much sleeker IMHO.
PS sold.
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