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Dont you get a list of approved tailors when you buy a pair of Incotex?
And there are a lot of employed people that should be careful how far they go on their "high horse" - as becoming unemployed yourself could happen at any moment.
Quote: Originally Posted by anon you think so? I had it on draft and thought it was really smooth. Had it the day they rolled it out - on tap - and it was awful.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector I don't even want the maids coming in my room. Must get nice and ripe in there after a couple of days.
Had a nice spicy fish stew...just seemed like a good pairing. Delicious beer.
Finding a mentor is a good start. I have an uncle who is successful in business and always had beautiful women around him. He was a good person to learn from.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Can't wait for you to get 100 posts. Btw, still love how you tell us your rule..then insult the OP and a couple of other posters for having..wait for it...rules. You seem to be a bit confused here. Maybe you should grab a dictionary to look up the words "rule" and "opinion"? Oh, and nice sausage btw.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Oh, it's not to impress me that I want you to poast moar. And here we have an example of the kind of nonsense necessary to get to nearly 26,000 posts on a message board. Well done.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I love you. Please poast moar. Didnt think it would be so easy to impress someone with 25k posts on a message board....but glad to be of service
It is becoming clear that beneath all of this back and forth is the underlying idea that some men do nice things because they believe it to be the right thing to do. While others do it as a means to an end, usually some cute girl's rear end. And if their drinks don't result in one night stand, they are pissed off about it. How sad. The correct reason to buy drinks (for a stranger, a friend, or a love interest) is because you think it is the right and chivalrous thing...
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