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And you donkeys are going to get to enjoy a nice long 4 more years of dealing with him, as your party is putting forth a slew of unelectable clowns.Nice work.
Coming from a douchebag like yourself....thanks.
And Obama was a state senator and US Senator.Bunch of right wing clowns out here.
Again....just because you repeat a FALSE claim, doesn't make it true.And how many years has it been since Mitt has been "full time" at anything other than running unsuccessfully for office?
So which is it?Once again, that is wrong.During the four years Obama worked as a full time lawyer at the firm, he was involved in 30 cases and accrued 3,723 billable hours. (LA Times)Yeah, Ronald Regan was a politician and before that, making movies with monkeys. Now that is an impressive record of running stuff.
So, wait. His 9 years as a parter at Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland - one of the most successful firms in Chicago dont count as private sector?
Actually it is more like rolling high interest balances onto a lower interest credit card. We will NEVER get lower interest rates than we have now. This is NOT the time to deal with the deficit, it is the time to get the economy moving.
Right. As if the problem of piracy is a new problem....lolBush and Cheney ignored the piracy and, surprise of surprises, a gang of impoverished thugs discovered they could make millions of dollars for simply capturing a ship and demanding a ransom. Bush and Cheney talked a good game about fighting terrorists but when it came to piracy, they looked the other way.
You cant believe in "some" of what your religion tells you - and disregard what you dont like and still call yourself a Christian. SAME THEORY HERE.You cant take advantage of the benefits a government grants to you when it serves you, then reject those rules when it does not.
Thanks. Hoping to someday reach the high bar that has been set out here.
New Posts  All Forums: