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I bought this Commander last March but it was too baggy in the waist and sleeves so I got them tailored and slimmed. The close up photos of the seams are where the alterations occurred (inside arm and back seem). When I got it tailored I was 6'2 185lbs 42in chest, 33in waist, arms 15.5 in flexed. Now I'm 205lbs with a 46in chest, wasit 35in and arms 16.5 flexed. Sadly it longer fits me and I need to sell it, but I had it tailored so I cant sell it at full price, thats why...
Have a size L that i had tailored last year, waist and sleeves to be narrower. Will sell to you for much cheaper because it no longer fits me (gained too much weight). Seriously never wore it, got it tailored because the waist and sleeves were way to boxy at the time. My chest measurement then was 42 and weight 185lb arms 15.5 flexed, now I'm a 46 at 200lbs arms 16.5 flexed. Would sell it to you for dirt cheap because theres no way I'd be able to sell it on ebay. If you...
Does anyone know where to buy a Barbour branded hanger?
Does anyone know where to get a Barbour branded coat hanger?
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