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And then there's this new sweater from The Real McCoys:     Yarn-dyed indigo cotton Aran sweater. With hand pockets!!!!!
 We are carrying 1st PatRN for spring, it's in the air, and should land this week. I think the Los Alamos collection is for SS17. We didn't order the shirts, though, the fit was really wide.
 We use Huberd's for most of our rugged leather stuff at the shop.   Speaking of those boots, here they are after 10 months of heavy wear:  And we are taking orders for the next run of these now. Give us a shout if you're interested.
After polling everyone, I'm going to go with the following makeup:   Reverse green chamois short wing boot on Grant, with a 360 flat antique welt, on commando. Brass eyes and hooks.   If you didn't get a DM or an email from me, and you're interested, please shoot me an email (jeremy at standard and strange dot com) so I can get an accurate gauge on interest here. 
 What would make it a no-brainer for you?
Ok we need to nail down: Hooks: I think yes Brass vs Agatine: Indifferent Welt: I'm feeling the flat-welt. There's no performance difference between the welts.   Anyone feel strongly or want to throw a filibuster about these things?   EDIT: How about all speedhooks top to bottom, with no eyelets at all?
 I'm going to weigh in and say - let's go with Grant and brass eyelets (no speedhooks).  I can't take any deposits until I have the order confirmed from Alden - best way to wrap this is up is for anyone interested to shoot me an email at jeremy @ (my store URL) and we'll talk from there. 
 APPROVED!  Thank you @CanadaCal !   Deposit structure - I assume these will be around ~$600 with the new pricing in from Alden. Our usual structure for boots we're going to stock is $100 for D width, 50% for anything other than D. 
  This seems to be the leader. Can I get a preliminary count on how many people would be into this please? Also put in Grant VS Plaza for this boot when you reply, and if that's a deal-breaker or not.
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