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Dope. Which cut did you go with ? RgT shirts are definitely made for a thinner frame.
I bougt my SKs from Dan, seems like a really nice guy. Maybe try instagram?
Hey guys any idea when the Black Friday RGT suff will ship? It know it was back ordered so I have no expectations, just wanted to know what the odds were I'd see it in time for Christmas! Thanks again for the freat stuff you guys do. Can't wait to see the shop in person.
Notre just took my PayPal payment so I guess they received whatever backstock of RgT was coming in.
RgT themselves thanks!!!!!     rogueterritory.com depends on the shirt 
Notre in Chicago
Went against my earlier thoughts on tonal v. contrast stitching and bought some Slubs, couldn't turn down paying 66% retail for some sick jeans. I need to get them and my Stealths (6 mos) hemmed, should I get the Slubs hemmed pre wear or wear them for a bit first before I attempt to get them hemmed?
Karl thanks for the response I just want the Cone because, well, I think cone makes some really cool denim and that USC fabric was nice and exclusive.
Would like to add my 2 cents - I've never had anything but the best experiences with Karl and Leslie (and their various Stockists, particularly Dan Rouse and the SOP crew) - Will not hesitate to buy again!
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