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Hey guys couple of quick questions.       How often are new stock trouser fabrics released? Or re-released? Once per season? Or is stock replenished at some point? I am in the market for some dress trousers and absolutely love my grey hopsack Walts. I am interested in a blue (plus other colors perhaps) hopsack (or similarly textured, maybe birdseye) all-season wool pair as well. I see the navy hopsack on the site but not in my size (33). Am I SOL?      I also love...
They added more - just picked one up. I am nervous and excited - isn't that the point of fukubukuro? Good luck, everybody.
Wow those lucky bags went quick! Wish I saw the email at work. Best of luck to those that picked them up - and please post photos or descriptions of what you got. Cheers!
Hey Mike,     Was in the BK shop 2 or so weeks back - interacted with you and Adele and picked up a pair of grey hopsack Walts after much deliberation - you were very helpdful in showing me some of the details of the various fabrics. You guys also processed my order through the site (I'm from Jersey) which I greatly appreciated. I will definitely be back to check out the new fabrics and the Gable fit. Adele briefly mentioned my being able to mark my inseam length at...
Final shots of my contest fade slubs. Wish I had better photo skills / camera. . . I feel like that is as much or more important than cool fades. Oh well! Wish me luck/vote dudes!!!                                     PS that color is not washed out from the sunlight . . . they truly are nearly white in the thighs at this point. Would recommend these jeans to anyone, the weight/texture/fades are really awesome. Not to mention the fit of...
rise is relatively low on SK fit imo
my contest slubs:                  
Nah just wear those motha fuckas
Email karl he can help you track one down if it's out there
Are there any official contest check in threads for the 16.5oz Slubs? I haven't seen many pictures, I know some people are better than others about Instagram but it seems to be the same 3,4 dudes. Props to them! Here's my babies after shower wash #3, they see 5-6 days a week wear in the fridge / freezer of a chain grocery store, so they come into contact with lots of cardboard, dripping milk crates, and spilled yogurt! Hence the more frequent washing. Photo taken with an...
New Posts  All Forums: