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Quote:  I think the SK is the right fit for you but you sized down too much.
If you're on reddit I've posted a bunch of pics on there of mine - /r/goodyearwelt and /r/rawdenim. Same username. I'll try to dig them up  EDIT forgot to say I think they're the best boots in the world
What pen?
 The silhouette is definitely closer to the 1000 Mile as opposed to the Beckman. It might even look / be slimmer at some points or viewed at certain angles, IMO.
LOL just saw this response from November but PM me!
Yeah, I'm between the Type 3S and the Flat Head's overdyed black Type 3. Do you have a western shirt? Any thoughts on it? At first preferred the aesthetics of other western shirts but RgT's growing on me. Excited to see what other denims it comes in.      There are some great fade pics of Dark fabric floating around this thread and the net, though jackets don't fade as much as jeans do. If fades are your goal, all things aside personally I think the 3S is probably a better...
  Sure! Please excuse my face and posture, I have no idea what I'm doing.  BTW, sorry for the lateness. Here it is with some Rogue Territory.   
Agreed. I just already have the Desert Wash version, and the Supply jacket is such a specific, unique style denim jacket that it seems redundant to have two versions of it. Maybe a waxed canvas of some sort. My next denim jacket will be a take on the type I/II/III jacket (I waffle between each, each day)
Really hoping the Strider cut is a Tolkien reference. Also, This drop has nothing for me other than the Dark jacket, but I'm not really in the market for one sadly. Can't wait for the next drop, to see the Traveler shirt(?) and western shirt.       Karl, why are some retailers (SOP included) calling the unlined waxed canvas supply jacket a Ridgeline version? What does that mean? Also, is it the same canvas as the previous model / tan RKs/Stantons? Thanks, keep up the...
  I am definitely interested. PM me :) now or when you post it - be it here, Grailed, eBay etc
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