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Just got my black chore. Was told to size down to a S as I'm usually a bit between a S and a M. Probably could have gone with the Medium, the black fits great with a tee underneath but I can't fit my RgT ISC under it, which is a little disappointing since it's a pretty slim cut, even if the material is burly. I still think I'll keep it and wear the chore more like a cardigan.
Just snagged the black chore off Grailed for $216. I couldn't really afford it, but at that price I couldn't miss it - I love my other Apolis pieces, everyone seems to love the Chore, and the black overdye seemed like a cool one-off. @Apolis bros, is there any expectation of this thing to fade? Also, I saw the Indigo chore coats they used to overdue the Steven Alan ones were the new wool/cotton/poly blend, what was the reasoning for the change? That's not only for the...
check instagram #rgtslubfaders
Dope. Which cut did you go with ? RgT shirts are definitely made for a thinner frame.
I bougt my SKs from Dan, seems like a really nice guy. Maybe try instagram?
Hey guys any idea when the Black Friday RGT suff will ship? It know it was back ordered so I have no expectations, just wanted to know what the odds were I'd see it in time for Christmas! Thanks again for the freat stuff you guys do. Can't wait to see the shop in person.
Notre just took my PayPal payment so I guess they received whatever backstock of RgT was coming in.
RgT themselves thanks!!!!!     rogueterritory.com depends on the shirt 
Notre in Chicago
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