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It's about 1.7 inches too big. What are your thoughts ?
Here is a shot of my cast 2 canyon in 30. I wear the old de in in 29. It's awesome but too big in the waist. I'm going to keep it and reorder in 29 or 28. Not sure yet.
I just ordered the cast 2 canyon in 30. Will post fit pics.
@johnelliottco do you know what size this guy would be wearing in the new denim?   Brandi helped me out based on his size back then....   Thanks !
  Based on a old screenshot it seems the 30 from the new cut is bigger than the 29 from the old cut.    So should I still go for 30 in the new cut ? or stick with 29?
Do they stretch out as much ? 
 But the waist of the previous model stretched out quite a lot.  when brand new, the 29 of the casts were perfect. would the 30 of the newer cut be similar ?
@JohnElliottCo, I own the the cast in 29 as well as the obsidian. I fit in the coast 29 ( a bit tight though).   Which size should I go for the Cast 2 ?   Thanks!
I'm selling my THE CAST / COAST bought directly from JE+CO website. Worn 2 times.    I plan on buying it in 30 to have a looser fit. 
In love with the Stadium Jackets ! 
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