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I'm selling my THE CAST / COAST bought directly from JE+CO website. Worn 2 times.    I plan on buying it in 30 to have a looser fit. 
In love with the Stadium Jackets ! 
THIS WILL BE SHIPPED FROM Paris, FRANCE!! PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING TO EUROPE. WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE SO PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU LIVE OTHER THAN EUROPE. *BRAND: John Elliott + Co  *STYLE NAME: Mercer Tanks & Curve U Necks  *SIZE: Medium  *COLOR: Black / White  *CONDITION: New without tags. 50€ EACH / 2 Mercer Tank : WHITE  50€ / 1 Mercer Tank : BLACK 50€ / 1 Curve U Neck : BLACK 50€ / 1 Curve U Neck : WHITE   *SHIPPING  - USPS Priority Mail (within USA)  - USPS First...
Mine looks more like the one on the right.  
hope its good enough :) 5'11 72kg 31 waist / Medium Overshirt - 29 Coast JE Jean
it does, but not a whole lot. I'm a 31 waist like the model, I wear 29 in every JE Jeans. even my coast is a 29, and it feels more slim than the other 29 unwashed JEs.
Yep same size will post a fit pic ASAP
Hey guys ! I got the flannel over shirts. Both color ways. I went with medium. They seriously kick ass. They are my favorite piece of the Collection.
Anybody know if these are the new fit ? http://www.amrag.com/shopping/men/john-elliott-co-slim-jean-item-10524514.aspx
I will be ordering the sweatpants and maybe the hoodie. :)
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