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Thanks for the reply, CousinDonuts! Yes, I rolled them just to see how they'd look with a cleaner leg line. I quite like the cuffed pants look, would it be okay for me to ask the tailor hem the pants with a cuff or should I just go for a regular hem?   edit: Like I mentioned in my initial post, I was very surprised by the pants length. I'm 6' 1" and didn't expect there to be some much extra fabric in the pants.
Hi all. My blue birdseye Lazio came in the other day. Any thoughts/opinions/advice/criticism?   I didn't notice the messed up vent here: Yesterday, uncuffed pants and different shirt I'm 6' 1" and was quite surprised by the pants length. No doubt they need to be taken up. Should I keep the cuff? I quite like how it looks. Again, any and all advice is appreciated.   Please let me know what you think!
Suit fit is spot on. Suede loafers are really out of place imo
Hi all!   Currently thinking about getting a Lazio or Napoli suit. This will be my first suit. I know that I'm typically a 40R (I have tried on quite a few suits and own a jacket in that size but not matching pants). What size would you guys recommend? I think a 38R for both would be right, based on the size charts. My measurements are:   Height: 73" Chest: 37" Upper waist: 34" Lower waist: 35"   Unfortunately I can't go to a store (I'm in Ireland). Thanks for the...
Hey Josh. You say you were a size small in shirts, I'm curious what your measurements are (height, chest, weight, etc)?   I have backed the Japan white oxford size M but would like your opinion on what size I should go for. I'm 6' 1", 38" chest, and ~170lbs. I'm  a medium in everything. Thanks for your help!    edit: I'm looking for a fit on the slim side of regular
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