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Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar FYI...only the prestige line will come with Lobb trees incl. Regards. Not lasted, nor comes in half sizes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bellum Quite an enabler this site. In for a pair of black Tudor. My small Lobb wardrobe (4) is starting to grow I wish the Phillip would go on sale but I suppose that's rare. They were on sale at 35% off back almost 2 months back during First Mark. All the lobbs were on sale except for the belts and suitcase. Of course, nothing like the 50% off now.
Quote: Originally Posted by ajv I think that Sené made some good modes a few years ago, but now he seems to have gotten overboard in his rock n'roll attitude. He sometimes seems to have forgotten that a shoe is made to be worn and to walk and I don't see how such shows can be confortable and how one could walk properly with such long tips. IMHO underneath is one of the worst examples possible, seems to me like the crossing of a sting-ray with a...
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi ok, NOW i'm jealous Don't be. Go ahead, buy something. You will feel better, much better.
Who bought all the square captoe blucher!
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw The website. The connection was very slow, but I just waited and eventually each page processed. The deals are great. It is 25% off of the listed price. So the discounted price is not reflected until the order is being processed. You have great patience, my man. Or were you under the influence of the Vale?
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw Thanks for the heads up- just got the Vales in my size for a ridiculous deal!!! I have never even seen these discounted. Did you order by phone? The website is so slow or is it just my connection?
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh NM is an extra 25% off on the Lobbs (and a bunch of other sale items.) The site is so slow right now and I doubt it has anything to do with us.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Is there going to be additional discount on shoes?They are currently 25% off,I wonder if they'll go lower. BB had the online Buy 1 Get 2nd pair 25% off (or was it 50% off?) with 30% off on top of that a month ago. I am not holding my breath for any major discount over that other than looking at outlets and clearance section of their website. I hope I am wrong
Quote: Originally Posted by furo Nope. Asked the question because as someone in the thread already stated, viewing a pic of shoes is different than seeing them worn. I thought you had asked if people liked the look and feel of the shoes, but whatever works is fine.
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