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Check the MTO tab. That surcharge for their website's GMTO... wow. Can argue not that bad considering shipping and customs included, but I have never ordered from them.
I am comparing my size 8E MH71s Harrow and St James. Harrow pair was narrower, adding to daizawa's question. Too hawt for me TG73s not involved.
Harrow MH71 8 was narrower than St James. Not sure which pair is incorrect.
Don't know, I am sure Skoab can work it out with you to your satisfaction.
med dark brown IRL. I think they only usually offer RUS in 075.
May be... may be not.
Free ship at 8000SEK.It's about 45 USD for a pair of run of the mill StC. You do get it much faster with Fedex than USPS.I believe they charge socks at a higher percentage 11%, not sure about shoe trees that is list as a separate entity.
Wait, is this is going to be in a different color or really photographed with different technique?
Who stole the cherry shoe tree from my cart lol. Go easy on the Harrow frenzy guys.
X-post. Actually prefer double leather > Dainite.
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