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It's different, but depends how comfortable you are of the difference to be. They are both red colors, G&G treats Vintage with burnish and depending on the pair it may have the faded look. Vass usually comes as is and closest to G&G rosewood calf.Good luck. I know you will get the right color lol. It took me few years to have like 30 pairs, it may just take you a few months more.
Don't know about them, only seen in pictures as you have seen I am sure. It's a different take of the museums from JLP.
Hey you know what. Look up rosewood calf for G&G that's before they came out with all these vintage stuff. That's like dead on red cognac for vass.Vint cherry is similar, but still different enough.
yep, if you ask G&G to lay off the burnish on vintage cherry, yes that's the closest to red cognac.Looking at burgundy for G&G now, seems my mistake Much closer to vintage rioja.. I bet vintage rioja took away its popularity.
I think he means vass. G&G has a burgundy calf that nobody really orders that I think closer to vass's red cognac. Everyone just order vintage cherry.
Same size, eons ago tattersall had said EG didn't offer service to change the bands on a kibworth and reportedly told to rotate his shoes lol. Not sure for Chelsea boots. Wonder if still true and if G&G is the same for burnham or tatton etc,
Actually quite interesting. TBH, first ones in a while that I did not thought to myself "been there seen that"
I mean I have seen that shade as well. I just wish we see more the after pictures as I wonder how those looked like after 4-5 years.Guess I should check the B&S sections lol
Nice, but been seeing these since 2010.
No idea. It's a different crowd in general. You can go to its own thread though.
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