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What will be the plan? Is the plan to matching vint cherry with the kudu?
It's different, but depends how comfortable you are of the difference to be. They are both red colors, G&G treats Vintage with burnish and depending on the pair it may have the faded look. Vass usually comes as is and closest to G&G rosewood calf.Good luck. I know you will get the right color lol. It took me few years to have like 30 pairs, it may just take you a few months more.
Don't know about them, only seen in pictures as you have seen I am sure. It's a different take of the museums from JLP.
Hey you know what. Look up rosewood calf for G&G that's before they came out with all these vintage stuff. That's like dead on red cognac for vass.Vint cherry is similar, but still different enough.
yep, if you ask G&G to lay off the burnish on vintage cherry, yes that's the closest to red cognac.Looking at burgundy for G&G now, seems my mistake Much closer to vintage rioja.. I bet vintage rioja took away its popularity.
I think he means vass. G&G has a burgundy calf that nobody really orders that I think closer to vass's red cognac. Everyone just order vintage cherry.
Same size, eons ago tattersall had said EG didn't offer service to change the bands on a kibworth and reportedly told to rotate his shoes lol. Not sure for Chelsea boots. Wonder if still true and if G&G is the same for burnham or tatton etc,
Actually quite interesting. TBH, first ones in a while that I did not thought to myself "been there seen that"
I mean I have seen that shade as well. I just wish we see more the after pictures as I wonder how those looked like after 4-5 years.Guess I should check the B&S sections lol
Nice, but been seeing these since 2010.
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