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UPDATE: Charly with his amazing customer service! He offered to make a new one. I just need to send it back.   Ordered 4/2, 2016. Got the jacket today 4/23   But I ordered a jacket WITHOUT chest placket and WITH shoulder gussets. They sent me one in the opposite configuration. (The jacket has chest placket and no shoulder gussets)   Fit is absolutely amazing.   My body measurements:  Height: 5'11" Weight: 160lbs Shoulder: 17.5" Chest: 41.5" Waist: 37" Front...
Oh man the trucker jacket looks amazing!    You know what would be more amazing? That jacket with black lamb leather with zipper. Wink Wink
Should i get black lamb ma1 or dark wine ma1? Can't decide...
Charly, do you have any plans on releasing a collared moto jacket with two chest zippers like the 4-zip moto?
 Looks amazing holy crap
I changed a few areas on the collared moto jacket with my laughably bad photoshop skills. I don't know if you accept any suggestions or not, but I just wish the jacket design would improve.   This is a gif:   http://i.imgur.com/CQNnWwl.gifv   I think wider and more V-shaped body cut would look nicer. I think shoulders without the French suit shoulders would be nice too. And I think the zippers could be shorter. 
Do we get a choice of whether to keep the ribbing black on non-black MA1s? 
 Looks nice! Now I'm hesitant whether I should get the black lamb leather version or the new olive version...
Hello,   What do you mean when you say instep is too high for you? Do you mean that the tongue of the shoe has too much gap?    Thanks.
Crockett and Jones Highbury as worn by James Bond in Skyfall. The shoes fit true to size. Only worn twice outside. No scuff marks and no wear on the Dainite sole. Except the minor creases on the upper, these shoes are in mint condition. Comes with the original box and shoe bags. I'm also including the luxury shoe trees made by C&J for the 348 last. The shoe trees retail for 120 dollars. Total retail value is 640 dollars. Let me know if you have any questions.
New Posts  All Forums: