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Thought exactly the same thing here.
Jack Ruby. The thought that this sleazeball shot Oswald in a fit of patriotic outrage seems ludicrous to me. Then again, I grew up in modern America, so the thought that any concerned citizen acts out of patriotic outrage seems ludicrous. Seriously though, JFK conspiracy theorists always focus on supposed physical improprieties (the head snapped back, magic bullet, yadda yadda yadda) when there's a glaring logical inconsistency right in the center of things. How did the...
Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 I have not read anything here, but all I noticed is the mentioning of Investment Banker didn't cause the crisis part. Let me clarify on that part, by "Investment Banker" the guy probably mean true investment banking (M&A, IPO, etc.) Printing paper (as how any asset back securities used to work) is really structure job and how much risk to hold instead of sold off (even if they weren't able to) is really trading...
Doesn't have to be one or the other. I doubled in History and Econ. History was my education, econ got me a job. Simple as that.
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta I may be wrong but IIRC there has never been a retrograb of accounts and I doubt that any politicians want to permanently piss off dudes who will then vote against them every time. If a group of politicians does a "retrograb", I suspect that being voted against will be the least of its worries.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Jon. Replace that goddamn "MetLife" with "PanAm" and you're in business. Well, not literally.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt been reading Jack Welch huh? Didn't know that was a Welchism, but what can I say? Great mind grapes think alike.
Fire 10% of the workforce. At every company/firm/organization I've ever worked at, a bare minimum of 1 in 10 add nothing. At some places, the inverse is true: 90% can be made redundant.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I feel like she'd say "O....kay." How do I end a statement like that? "I hope you'll take that into consideration?" I wouldn't add the "take that into consideration" bit. That seems almost pushy. Just let her know that you've interviewed at department A but think that you'd be better suited and more of an asset for department B.
Quote: Originally Posted by BC2012 That's the future value. If you took that $200,000 (which you won't actually have in cash) and invest it at a rate of 6% you'd get 2.75 million after 45 years. In reality, you'd determine how much you could save annually and work out the cash flows on a yearly basis to come up with a solid FV. It'd take you years to save $200k; probably almost as long as it would to pay down a $200k student loan. So that value...
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