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Wish I could wear my jeans more often but with work and all, I really only wear them on the weekends. My current collection is comprised of eight pairs: - APC NS (2), NC, PS - my favorite being the PS - Skull 5010 - got these many years ago and they sat for a while due to the top block being too tight but they have stretched out a bit now - Dior Homme 19cm MIJ Blue Raw and Black Raw - not selvage but great quality and held up well over the past five years - SLP 17.5cm...
Saw two movies this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed them both. - Inside Llewyn Davis - biting dark humor, bit difficult to watch at times but well-paced and the folk music used throughout the movie were enjoyable - Blue Is the Warmest Colour - beautiful but heartbreaking portrayal of young love, a wonderful character study and the cinematography was amazing
I procured a pair of London 3-eyelet on U-last from Notch a year ago and I love them. I am debating between getting the same pair in Museum Dark Brown or a pair of Austerity Brogue in Museum Dark Brown.Below are a couple of pics Notch provide me before shipping them out.
Saw "Her" by Spike Jonez tonight and was blown away. It does a great job of deconstructing and rebuilding the idea of love and attachment. Especially enjoyed the scenes with the ex-wife, flashbacks and present time. Wondering if it was inspired by Jonez failed marriage with Sofia Coppola.
Hoping this helps but my sizes are as follows:C&J 348 - UK6Edward Green 82 - UK6Vass U - EU40Based solely on your C&J size, I would think Vass U-last in EU 41 is your size.
No guarantees but this has not been the case for me.The multi buy deals disappear on their friends and family 25% off sales but not the 30% discount corporate member one day sale.The last time they had their corporate sale, I was able to buy two suits for $1699 plus got the additional 30% discount.
Great episode tonight...so tense and some scenes were hard to watch. It is driving me nuts trying to figure out why Walt comes back after getting the clean slate.
I absolutely loved Igby Goes Down.Just saw Not Fade Away and enjoyed it. It was touching and the soundtrack was great.
Howard the Duck and Bloodsport are two that come to mind.The 1st movie is so ridiculous and the love scene between Lea Thompson and the duck traumatized me immensely when I was a young boy.Bloodsport is like watching a live-action Street Fighter II and perhaps has the best-worst line in the history of film when a promoter evaluates a couple of potential fighters to the tournament, he just looks them over and says "OK U.S.A."
I bought a couple of pairs from Ascot Shoes (based out of England) and Notch (based out of Belgium). With Ascot Shoes, I bought models they already had in stock so I received my pairs within a week. With Notch, my pair had to be special ordered so it took roughly 7 weeks for me to receive them; he takes payment after the shoes are made and just before he ships them so one should not worry about the wait. Both are highly recommended as they were excellent to deal with great...
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