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+120 = 17,965
+50 = 40,220
+280 = 17,845
+50 = 31,850
+50 = 38,435
+120 = 17,190
+ 50 = 37,315
The season win record is an incredible accomplishment but the championship is the ultimate barometer for a teams greatness. Different sport but no one considers the 2007 New England Patriots, that went undefeated in regular season, as the greatest team of all-time because they lost the championship game against the NY Giants.
+160 = 16,770
Put aside your personal bias and consider Iverson's professional accomplishments.League MVP, ROY, 4 time scoring leader, 3 time steals leader, career 26.7 PPG, career 6 assists per game.You question Iverson's being inducted to the HOF when guys like Calvin Murphy and Bill Walton are in the hall?It is clear you are not a fan but to question whether he belongs in the HOF is pretty ridiculous.
New Posts  All Forums: