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I added myself to the list for Brown Marlow Wingtips and it looks like we still need 2 more confirmations to close out the MTO. Anyone know if we can add flush metal toe tips from the factory? Can it be done on an individual basis or does the whole MTO have to agree for it to be applied? I am hoping it can be done individually since they add the metal toe tips at the end of production.
Chiltern by a country mile. The Ryder chukkas looks like a blob and the color is strictly for casual wear.
Would EG reject doing a factory resole if a metal sunken toe tap was applied by a 3rd party?
The duties assessed are related to the price of the item and not necessarily related to the shipping service. If the product price is under $800, there are no duties. C&J shoes are under $800, hence no duty owed. The $900 EG shoes exceeded the limit, hence the duty applies.
Am I the only one who thinks natural shoulder (unpadded) jackets look terrible on the majority of its wearers?Especially if the wearer is not thin or in good shape, it makes the wearer look like a friggin doughboy.
Looks authentic albeit very old. They stopped using "Burberrys" a long time ago and the coat looks loose and drapey a la 90s. Side note: The 90s were a horrible decade for menswear.
+80 = 81,830
+75 = 61,680
+120 = 57,180
+75 = 60,490
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