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+150 = 24,630
+70 = 54,430
+200 = 23,910
+69 = 53,520
+300 = 22,570
Nah, I remember that well but LeBron to Miami was not LeBron to the Celtics; the team that beat them in the playoffs.Durant's move feels like "if you can't beat them, join them" while The Decision was more like "I am going to play with my superstar friends to win championships".But you're right in both being bad for the spirit of competition.
Karma my man.
Agreed, don't be a dick.Don't go to a certain store, get fitted and buy from somewhere else. A retail store like The Armoury is not a showroom operated by the manufacturer and should not be treated like it is.If you are looking for the best possible price, just purchase a couple of different sizes online and keep the size that fits (obviously returning the pair that doesn't fit as well).
Why do I feel that Durant going to the Warriors sets a bad precedent for competition. It is like Isiah Thomas going to the Celtics after losing to them in the conference finals or MJ leaving the Bulls for the Pistons after getting beat by them in the playoffs.
+63 = 52,040
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