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Why, pray tell, should the U.S. send amateurs when the rest of the world sends their professionals?For your amusement? To increase the chance of them not winning?It is up to other countries to catch up and surpass U.S. pros playing games at 80% (your assessment).
+180= 27,325
+86 = 52,880
+170 = 26,250
+80 = 56,978
+170 = 25,640
I had a pair of Tods driving shoes a while ago and wore them before driving and for the occasional errand on my way home from work. They wore out quickly and were about as rugged as house slippers. The rubber gommi started chunking off and the leather soles looked absolutely trashed after a year so I donated them to goodwill. My thoughts on driving shoes is that they are of very limited use and only to be worn inside the vehicle. I now just keep a pair of Nike trainers...
Yea, his financial advisor supposedly got him to invest in frivolous businesses and charged 20% fees. Duncan sued him for $20 million. In a recent ESPN interview, Duncan owns an Auto Body shop in SA that he seems heavily involved with. To his credit though, Duncan was investing in businesses instead of feeding his entourage and hangers-on.
If anything, Duncan shopping at Old Navy is refreshing to see. You get the feeling that he is not going to be one of those athletes that go broke a few years after retirement.
+80 = 56,240
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