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+125 = 52,855
Fantastic Mr. Fox was superb and is my favorite Wes Anderson movie. The stop motion animation format really highlights all of his quirkiness.
+75 = 58,715
+140 = 52,730
Apologies to the MTO group but I feel the same way. Seeing the non-storm welt version really changed my desire for this MTO.
I agree the double sole with flat welt and wheeling is a much more stylish option than a storm welt.
+ 70 = 58,140
Hoping mdubya saw my post to join the MTO a couple of days ago. I vote for double leather with wheeling;sacrificing the storm welt.
+140 = 52,590
Please count me in for the Brown Shell Marlow (Barlow) as well. Ideally with wheeling but I agree that the double leather sole takes precedence.
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