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Am I the only one who thinks natural shoulder (unpadded) jackets look terrible on the majority of its wearers?Especially if the wearer is not thin or in good shape, it makes the wearer look like a friggin doughboy.
Looks authentic albeit very old. They stopped using "Burberrys" a long time ago and the coat looks loose and drapey a la 90s. Side note: The 90s were a horrible decade for menswear.
+80 = 81,830
+75 = 61,680
+120 = 57,180
+75 = 60,490
+78 = 60,200
+125 = 57,060
I am an inch shorter and 25 lbs lighter and wear them in Small size.The calf is plenty tight, any smaller and they will look like leggings.
+75 = 59,290
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