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After reading through all of the great knowledge shared in this thread, I got my Wolverine 1000 Mile boots in Brown. Thanks to all who have provided their insights on how to buy and care for the boots. Bought 1/2 size down from my normal dress shoe size, treated with Obenauf's LP and added a Vibram half sole before wearing them for the first time last night. Below are a few pictures of the boots when I got them back from the cobbler yesterday. Decided to go with thin...
Apologies for bumping an old thread but has anyone tried the Design Your Own suits? I am tempted to purchase a couple of Milano suits as their standard size fits me fairly well. However, I am skeptical about the lower price; $648 for DYO vs. $998 for RTW. Are the suits still made in the U.S. or Italy? Is the quality the same as their other half-canvassed RTW suits (1818 line)?
To all the guys that bought Vass shoes recently, how did you go about your order? NMWA does not carry my size, Notch is no longer declaring a lower value for customs (he told me he was going to open up a web store soon) and Vass (Mr. kutil) seems to no longer take direct orders. I am looking to buy three pairs and any information would be greatly appreciated. For what it is worth, I previously bout my Vass shoes from Notch and Ascot shoes.
Crappy episode...the only interesting scene was Don talking with Lloyd in his office about advertising. The whole commune scene was a waste of time and served little purpose...we know there were hippies in 1969 and Roger was/is a horrible, self-absorbed father. WTF is Weiner doing with the final season? If he is setting up a "comeback story" for Don, does it have to be so blunt and heavy-handed? Does the story arc really need to go the route of soap operas with characters...
Most interesting episode so far this season but there is no logical explanation why Don would accept the deal when he had another offer from a larger agency. Does he forfeit his shares in the company if he breaks his non-compete clause? Also, I can't help but think Weiner is a misogynist based on the female characters actions in tonight's episode; Betty continues to be a narcissistic, vapid human being and horrible mother Peggy has the mental capacity of an insect and...
Wish I could wear my jeans more often but with work and all, I really only wear them on the weekends. My current collection is comprised of eight pairs: - APC NS (2), NC, PS - my favorite being the PS - Skull 5010 - got these many years ago and they sat for a while due to the top block being too tight but they have stretched out a bit now - Dior Homme 19cm MIJ Blue Raw and Black Raw - not selvage but great quality and held up well over the past five years - SLP 17.5cm...
Saw two movies this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed them both. - Inside Llewyn Davis - biting dark humor, bit difficult to watch at times but well-paced and the folk music used throughout the movie were enjoyable - Blue Is the Warmest Colour - beautiful but heartbreaking portrayal of young love, a wonderful character study and the cinematography was amazing
I procured a pair of London 3-eyelet on U-last from Notch a year ago and I love them. I am debating between getting the same pair in Museum Dark Brown or a pair of Austerity Brogue in Museum Dark Brown.Below are a couple of pics Notch provide me before shipping them out.
Saw "Her" by Spike Jonez tonight and was blown away. It does a great job of deconstructing and rebuilding the idea of love and attachment. Especially enjoyed the scenes with the ex-wife, flashbacks and present time. Wondering if it was inspired by Jonez failed marriage with Sofia Coppola.
Hoping this helps but my sizes are as follows:C&J 348 - UK6Edward Green 82 - UK6Vass U - EU40Based solely on your C&J size, I would think Vass U-last in EU 41 is your size.
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