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oh sorry, i meant the natural chromexcel. i didnt even look at the other color
 thanks. i havent seen the brown rush street in person but in photos i didnt like it as much as the strand or rogue colors. what about the brown oak street? someone mentioned that a few posts back
well i dont know any better thats why im asking :)   the walnut cloud park ave i got isnt particularly formal. when i think dress shoes in my head i'm seeing sleek, dark, highly polished.    i did buy & return a Strandmok in brown. my g/f hated them and a pair of the strand or rogue is probably more versatile?
was wondering if anyone had any advice on a few pairs of AE i can pick up..i have a couple large gift cards to use   i do not have many shoes..i basically have 3 good pairs   a plain black Ralph Lauren chukka boot which is made by AE Park Ave in walnut cloud and a cheaper pair of brogued black oxford from DSW, has sort of a wrinkled leather, more casual   id be interested in picking up 3-5 pairs, boots can probably wait until next fall/winter. Casual is better as...
re: the gift card thing, um, wow i never thought of that.  and here i am worried that i'm going to get banned by RL for returning half the stuff i buy.
what year is an RRL item tagged "FALL 2" ?
while breaking in raw denim, is it ok to fold the jeans or fold/hang them in between wears? or will this ruin the creasing and cause bad fades later?
the RRL lookbook for spring 2015 says that slim fit and low straight both have a 13.25" back rise and straight leg is 14.125". doesnt say at what waist size.
 i prefer low straight. but i dont know if those measurements are inconsistencies. the size may be different depending on the model and season. plus typical manufacturing tolerances for jeans are probably at least .5" and everyone measures differently.
i just measured 2 and got 13.25" and 14.5"
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