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I recently bought 3 Polo sport coats, size 38S. I am 5'8" 150lb (was 155-160lb before, but i stopped lifting), chest measures 38". however that is down from a ~39" measurement a year ago. I have just started lifting weights again so I may add a few pounds of bulk to my upper body. The actual chest on the jackets is 39"   2 of the 3 coats fit OK, one is too slim. I replaced all 3 with 40S and took them to the RL store for alterations. They pinned about an inch down the...
could i expect Polo sport coats and suits to be part of an upcoming designer sale?
does anyone know if AE would accept an exchange of a shoe without the box?
 can you share your measurements? i'm always buying small and medium..then small is too tight in the chest/upper back, medium is just too long
 my First Avenue tan grain comes with the dainite solemaybe it's just all the grain colors (tan and brown currently) that have dainite
I bought the new First Avenue dress boots in tan grain and have been wearing them a lot lately. This is probably my favorite AE last for comfort. The size is 8D, my normal size is 8E. I also have the Yorktown in the same last, but 8D was too tight, probably because it's not a boot.    The tan grain looks similar to walnut in real life. in the tan grain, they are not dressy, but work with just about anything.
Has anyone ever experienced a shoe that is painful on the outside-bottom of their big toe? My left foot is slightly wider plus i have a callus on the outside of that toe. I bought a pair of boots that look like they would be more than wide enough, but it feels like i'm stepping on the edge of a piece of wood or something. Not sure if this is something that breaks in. It happened with Park Aves as well and i went from E to 2E to fix it. But i have other narrower shoes where...
how do you get AE MTO shoes?
i ordered a pair of Rogues in 8 D to see if they're a better fit than the 8 E. the Odenwald boots in 8 D are a great fit. dont know if the Rogues will be too narrow. I hope 8E is the best because the pair i got is beautiful, not a flaw on it. 
i bought the Rogue and i might have to exchange the 8E to an 8D. which is crazy, because i have a Ralph Lauren chukka boot made by AE that i bought last year, it's an 8.5 D and it's tight. I tried the 8 D and couldnt even get my left foot in.
New Posts  All Forums: