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no they're not..at least not the ones from this year
Does anyone know about these RL Purple Label jeans? They showed up as a color option for the Straight-Leg jeans and then were gone. it said this color was Regal. sizes were 32, 34, 36, 38. i managed to pull this pic from cache  
these aren't my size, but does anyone know what wash this is?   http://www.ebay.com/itm/RRL-Premium-Denim-Jeans-Straight-Leg-/251572354212?pt=US_CSA_MC_Jeans&hash=item3a92e17ca4
 oh, that makes sense. i didnt think of that..i havent seen one of those things in years with just shopping online. It shipped from Manhasset, NY, so i guess theres an RL store there. Was only 1 left in stock online. I didnt know they had store and website inventory linked. I know they dont with the RRL stuff
 is that not happening right now? stuff has been 25-40% off with seemingly no end date. pretty much everything that isnt navy or black. yeah and maybe boat shoes and pastel shorts still full price..
does it mean something it theres a hole in the blue Polo tag? i just got something from ralphlauren.com that shipped separately from new york. theres a noticeable hole, not huge but bigger than a pin would create, in the blue tag. is that some kind of outlet mark?
 i'm curious too. the slim fits are a little tight in the thigh for me. if i get the waist 1" too big, its noticeably better. i guess i could start doing that and get the waist brought in?  so i bought a pair of low straights on ebay, not sure what season they're from, and they feel just as tight in the thigh as the slim fit. ill have to measure to be sure
what new code?
I started buying some new clothes a couple months ago, and the amount of stuff I have to buy and then return is insane. Buying a belt in 32, 34, and 36 because i have no idea how it measures, and then returning 2 of them. It would take an employee almost no time to measure and post dimensions of a season of clothing. WHY doesn't anyone do this? I have to go to eBay -- yes, eBay -- to find someone selling outlet finds to try to find actual measurements. it's crazy. All I...
sorry if this thread is wrong, though it could apply to RRL, not sure if there is another RL thread...   any recommendations on RL dress pants in basic colors (black, navy, gray)? I got some of the purple label trousers on sale, and while I have some purple label 5-pocket pants that fit fantastic, the flat front trousers look like grandpa pants on me. The legs and butt are great, but the front just looks way old on me. anything else i should look for in PRL, black label,...
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