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 have they even finished putting up the fall line?
 thats my neck size except 38-39 chest, 33 waist. i think you will be able to find something. The slimmest 16.5" neck i have seen is a 48" chest (garment measurement) so that seems like it would be correct for you. waist may need to come in a little
 is that the guy who puts on the size smalls and stretches out the neck holes?
 yes, around the midsection is 33". chest is 38-39 and hips are the same. I'm not familiar with your polos - the only ones i have are RL polo custom-fit which have several inches of extra fabric in the waist and fit tight in the chest. Which i dont fully understand as i don't know anyone out there with a 40" chest and a 40" waist that is interested in fitted clothing. but my question was for dress shirts and casual buttoned shirts
does anyone have a recommendation on how many extra inches to allow in the waist of a fitted shirt? my actual waist measures 33", plus whatever an undershirt will add
What is a good amount of extra inches on chest/waist/hips for a slim-fitting shirt? I got a custom one made, and before i order more, just want to make sure i tweak it as best as possible. I will wear it with an undershirt and want it to look good tucked in or out.   My measurements in chest/waist/hips are about 39, 33, 39. They made the shirt to measure 43, 39, 41. The chest is good though pulling my shoulders back will still tug at the buttons, though i think this is...
no they're not..at least not the ones from this year
Does anyone know about these RL Purple Label jeans? They showed up as a color option for the Straight-Leg jeans and then were gone. it said this color was Regal. sizes were 32, 34, 36, 38. i managed to pull this pic from cache  
these aren't my size, but does anyone know what wash this is?   http://www.ebay.com/itm/RRL-Premium-Denim-Jeans-Straight-Leg-/251572354212?pt=US_CSA_MC_Jeans&hash=item3a92e17ca4
 oh, that makes sense. i didnt think of that..i havent seen one of those things in years with just shopping online. It shipped from Manhasset, NY, so i guess theres an RL store there. Was only 1 left in stock online. I didnt know they had store and website inventory linked. I know they dont with the RRL stuff
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