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what year is an RRL item tagged "FALL 2" ?
while breaking in raw denim, is it ok to fold the jeans or fold/hang them in between wears? or will this ruin the creasing and cause bad fades later?
the RRL lookbook for spring 2015 says that slim fit and low straight both have a 13.25" back rise and straight leg is 14.125". doesnt say at what waist size.
 i prefer low straight. but i dont know if those measurements are inconsistencies. the size may be different depending on the model and season. plus typical manufacturing tolerances for jeans are probably at least .5" and everyone measures differently.
i just measured 2 and got 13.25" and 14.5"
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-RRL-Rodeo-Ralph-Lauren-Jeans-Kanye-West-/301539726976?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item46352b1680   Rodeo Ralph Lauren? first time ive heard that one..
this is the shirt that was posted   http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=56444376&fd=Men&ppp=99&origkw=rrl&ff=PAD&fv=Division%2FMen&fg=Division&pg=3&kw=rrl&parentPage=search
the tip of my 2nd toe is right on the 7.5 E line on the AE foot measurer you can print out, so i rounded up to 8 E. i bought a Park Avenue and found that 7.5 EE was the best choice. would have wanted to try 7 EEE too, but i think it would look too short and fat
does anyone have thoughts on how the quality of the RRL Clifton or Bowery boots compare to cheaper made in USA options $300-400 such as those by Red Wing or AE?
does anyone know what company makes the New Clifton boot?
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