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damn even your sale prices are terrible :)i checked because there's an item that is out of stock in the U.S. but the UK still has stock. And even with the sale it still costs twice as much!
with a jacket of this style, what is a good chest size to go for? i measure about 39", the Owens in a S is just under 41" chest. Is that cutting it too close? mediums, unfortunately, end up looking really sloppy in the waist and arms. i guess someone good with leather can work on it though
it's fairly uniform (less in the heel) and is consistent on both shoes. Style wise i can't judge. Given that 8E is already a fairly short and wide size i wasn't sure if i want to make the proportions wider
    i ordered these Strandmok oxfords in two sizes, on the left is 8 E on the right is 7.5EEE. The one on the left has a large amount of excess material around the sole outside of the stitching. Is this acceptable?
i have a pair of size 29 one wash low straight here right now that i was sent by mistake. and there is no way i am fitting into them, they look like they're cut to fit a thin woman. the waist is slightly wrinkled so it measures about 15" but when pressed and pulled flat its 15.75" so somewhere in that range   for waist sizes i think a good estimate is:   29 - 15.25" 30 - 15.75" 31 - 16.5" 32 - 17" 33 - 17.5" 34 - 18"
i think both measurements are correct. the manufacturing tolerances are probably .5-1" in the waist, and people measure differently. but from my experience on a brand new pair a 30 will measure about 16" and a 31 will measure about 16.5".
if anyone bought the Italy D&S selvedge jean in a 31" and doesnt want it or wants a 32" let me know..
i just started ordering some AE shoes which are my 2nd "real" shoes. I have always been a "Size 8.5" with shoes that are only available in medium width. The AE size chart puts me at a 7.5E or 8E. I'm finding 8E and 7.5EE both work (i walked around in both pairs several times and couldnt decide which was better). In narrower lasts i might want a 7.5EEE or 8EE..   just wondering if there is some rule if i cant figure out which pair is the better fit. go with the narrower...
 i havent washed any of my pairs yet but i might be in the same boat as you. 30s are slightly tight in the waist, thighs are tighter than i would want. 31s are good everywhere but a bit loose in the waist as they stretch out from wearing. The thighs on either size dont seem to stretch nearly as much. maybe the best thing to do is to get the 31 and get the waist taken in if necessary.
does anyone know if RRL uses different size or position of fading on the washed jeans, depending on inseam length? specifically, if there would be any difference in placement of knee fades between 30 and 32 inseam
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