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Has anyone ever experienced a shoe that is painful on the outside-bottom of their big toe? My left foot is slightly wider plus i have a callus on the outside of that toe. I bought a pair of boots that look like they would be more than wide enough, but it feels like i'm stepping on the edge of a piece of wood or something. Not sure if this is something that breaks in. It happened with Park Aves as well and i went from E to 2E to fix it. But i have other narrower shoes where...
how do you get AE MTO shoes?
i ordered a pair of Rogues in 8 D to see if they're a better fit than the 8 E. the Odenwald boots in 8 D are a great fit. dont know if the Rogues will be too narrow. I hope 8E is the best because the pair i got is beautiful, not a flaw on it. 
i bought the Rogue and i might have to exchange the 8E to an 8D. which is crazy, because i have a Ralph Lauren chukka boot made by AE that i bought last year, it's an 8.5 D and it's tight. I tried the 8 D and couldnt even get my left foot in.
are AE shoes getting bigger/wider? I bought my first pairs last year (8E) and they started out uncomfortably tight in the toes. In the Park Avenue i moved to a 7.5 EE and got a slightly better fit. Then I just bought 2 more Park Avenues in 8 E, and they're more than wide enough even in my thickest socks. And I can lace them tight without having that "V" shape in the laces. Based on the AE print out size chart i'm an 8 E so that's what I've been buying. Does this sound like...
anyone have any thoughts on fixing the sleeves/shoulders of the 2nd jacket? i only have 1 more day left before the returns period runs out
would you mind asking how much sleeve length can be shortened in that way? i do not have a good local tailor. my sleeves, from the same company, are probably an inch too long. 
how do they shorten the sleeves when they have working buttons?
I have a navy jacket from an online made to measure company. The sleeves are about 1" too long, they would not remake, said take it to a tailor. I have not done that yet. I think it fits nicely except for the sleeve issue. Between the elbow and shoulders isn't perfect but not that bad either       Then there is this off the rack jacket. In nearly every dimension it's identical to the made to measure except in the waist. But the sleeves/shoulders are horrific, they...
oh sorry, i meant the natural chromexcel. i didnt even look at the other color
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