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 Done a fair amount on the GMTO's, but only because it's so rare to find them at any stockist.
Got it, no prob Fok.  Ok...Short Shift is on the table...what say you guys? 
 Short Shift Boot  - 110 Last- Black oil tan- Black roughout counter- Silver hardware- 90 degree blocked off heel (traveler heel)- Brown edge dressing- Structured toe or partially structured- Open to Vibram 430 heel/sole or black wedge sole- Open to having pull straps at the top or strap/buckle. I believe the following folks so far are in for this make up: @billymax@janoy89@Raneleigh Who else is in?? I'd also be open to a 110 Half-Japanese work oxford like the last round...
Nice collection!  Definitely varied...you have all your based covered there.
 I think the problem with your logic there is the type of boot.  Engineers are a little like cowboy boots - or at least they have a similar sensibility.  It inherently works on that type of boot.  But when we're talking about a work boot - it just doesn't look quite as natural.
Well, the DV helmet makes it hard to see anything else in that photo, lol!  But seriously, I see what you mean.  Not because of the shoe size, but because of the 310 in general.  I've always felt that the exaggerated upturn in the toe looks a little like clown shoes to me.  I've seen a million photos of the 310 and I want to like it, but I just think it looks silly (no offense to those who like it).  I think maybe you have to be "that" person to pull it off.  But even when...
 Nice! I'm thinking black oil tan for the Short Shift boot and maybe the roughout side on the counter (only if possible).
Love that story! 
If they can't do half sole, then full is fine.  Brown edge dressing might be nice - like my Red Wings with Role Club re-soles:  Nice contrast...elegant but still badass!
Yes and yes!  Black smooth, maybe with a roughout counter to add a little interest, partially structured toe and silver hardware.  Probably looking at a half sole like this but in a 430 or mini-lug: 
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