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 I felt equally thrilled to get my hands on them and I wanted them to work for me so desperately.  But I'm a perfect 9.5 in all Vibergs and that's just the reality.  I totally agree with you about the 110 last.  It is pretty much the only last I look for now, I absolutely love it.  I parted with a pair I had on the 2030, just didn't appeal to me.  I'm also not a huge Munson guy, so the 2040 or 2045 doesn't appeal to me either - though I will say, I like seeing all these...
 Congrats!  Those were once mine.  I would have kept them if they were a 9.5, I just couldn't quite make the 9 work for me.  But I love them!  I sold them and the person I sold them to sold them to you, probably for the same reasons.  It's such a great make up - we just desperately wanted the size to work I guess.  So glad they ultimately went to someone who appreciates them and will get some good use out of them.  Enjoy!!
 Wow, those look great!!!  I may have to revisit the notion of picking up a pair!
 I asked for nails and they were included, but it depends on where you order them from I suppose.  I don't love the nails they came with - they are more like tack nails and the heads are oddly shaped so they don't fit all that nicely in the nail recesses on the guard.  I'll probably buy some small ones from the hardware store that will slot in better.  Though I suppose it really doesn't matter that much - they do the job.  These guards also have an adhesive tape on them...
 The 6 covers the right amount of heel on the back area where it wears down the most.  I have found that the smaller ones don't cover as much and wear tends to overshoot the guard.  Some cobblers use smaller ones because they don't have any of the 6 type in stock or they never carried them to begin with.  I buy 6's by the box (100 pcs) and put them on myself.  When they start to wear too low, I swap them out.  I can keep the original heel in good shape for a decade or...
 Here is a chart showing the difference in heel plate sizes.  #6 is on the top right, 6A is just below it.  6 covers a wider area, while 6A covers a broader area.  I have found from experience that 6 works better in covering the area of most wear...the back and corner of the heel.  6A doesn't reach as far from side to side, even though it covers a larger footprint. 
 I totally agree.  I'm a solid 9.5 in all Viberg lasts, but the 2030 really makes me contemplate a 10.  The length is fine, but the compressed toe box and pointed toe are not the most comfortable for me and I could probably stand to go up a half size in that last.
 Yes, they are on the 110...my favorite last!  I love the shape of the 110 on both oxfords and boots.  If something comes out on the 110, it's really hard for me to resist.
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