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 True, but I also think that in an ideal world, what is ultimately agreed upon is something that is a bit different from the more common offerings.  I realize that this may be wishful thinking and the numbers don't lie.  But as you can see from Fok's earlier post, we were already heading in a direction toward something that Viberg is about to offer soon anyway.  This is an opportunity for us to make an order for something that is rarely seen or much harder to come by.  I...
 You rock brother!!!
 I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Exactly.  Stockists abound with the 2030 make ups on an array of leathers.  110's and 310's are much harder to come by.  Btw...have I mentioned lately how fantastic a basic black workboot on the 110 last would be?  You never see those, ever!  Think about it...black oil-tanned leather, chunky workboot style, commando sole...delicious!!!
 Well, you didn't vote on #2 damn it, but I gotta applaud you for the double order...well played sir.
 This is my plan!  I won't be upset if anyone wants to copy us and do the exact same thing with #2 on your voting register!  Extend the life of your boots...buy 2 pairs!!!
 LOL!!!!!!  I was literally just telling Skell6009 that I now know what a politician feels like!   What's it gonna take guys?  I promise to clean up this town!  I promise to lower taxes!  I promise to create more jobs!  I promise you'll be happy if you jump on this bandwagon and commit to these boots!!!
 Absolutely!  Chances of seeing a boot like this again will be rare!  I could always use a spare!  If I love something, I usually buy doubles anyway because when you go to buy it again, invariably it's discontinued.
This for me!  And I'd commit to buying 2 pairs!!!   2. Black Service Boot Model: Service boot Last: 110 Leather: Durable Smooth black leather (non-CXL). Probably need Guy's opinion on what would be good and what they have available. Leather (tongue): Same as above. Eyelets: 7 (six if possible) antique brass Sole: Commando, natural midsole. Comments: Partially structured, plain toe, pull tab.
 Thanks for the great research, support and solid case for this entry!  This is exactly right and I agree completely on all fronts!!  Come on guys...there are a million gentleman's boots on the 2030 last out there and just about every stockist is plied with them over and over again in some variation or other.  This is a rare opportunity to get a classic black workbook on the 110 last made!  It will be an elegant yet rugged workhorse in your stable and will compliment all...
New Posts  All Forums: