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 I'm right there with you on that crusade!
 I like this idea a lot...I smell a future campaign brewing!
Hey, aren't we due for another sample sale soon?  What happened to part 3?
 Nice!  Really like the tone!!  Also seems different enough than the regular boondocker that one could justify the additional purchase!
 I think it really comes down to personal preference.  You'll get a wide array of opinions here, but in the end it comes down to your own personal aesthetic.  Matte leather tends to be a bit more casual of a look, but it can be dressed up or down depending on what else you're wearing.  The leather sole also lends itself to a more elegant look, despite the matte leather.  If you wanted a more casual look, you could order these on the SF pre-order page, but they won't be...
 Ha! Sounds good. But hopefully no one will do that - not that you don't deserve a free lunch!
 And if someone opts out of the purchase, do you keep their $20?
 It's unfortunate that sizing is so confusing.  Making matters that much more difficult - it's different for different people.  But in general, you would size the same in all the lasts.  Some people can get away with a half size down in the 110, but it really comes down to a length issue.  I tried it and my toes touched the tip of the boot, but the extra width prevented it from being uncomfortable.  I ended up selling those boots and went with my regular size because who...
 Admittedly a little strange, but people pay a premium to get that worn look and you got it with little effort!  Call me crazy, but I love that vintage look.  I wouldn't do a thing to those (except admire them daily)! 
Those are fantastic!!!  Love the wear and tear!!!
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