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 It looks like the 110's have already been treated at the factory.  I will definitely be treating the 1035's though.
See, now that's exactly what I mean...nothing wrong with doubles!
I can't imagine that ever being the case.  I'm notorious for buying doubles of things that I love.  Especially if the chances of getting another pair down the road is scarce. Anyone else ever buy doubles of things?
Correct...left side is 110, right side is 1035.  The differences between them are much more apparent in real life than in the photos.  Shape is similar, though slightly different.  Toe box height is very different.  The 110 last is higher, the 1035 more of a low profile. The analogy I gave of the 1035 being more like a Clark's desert boot in profile and the 110 being more like a chunky work boot pretty much describes it.  I will try to post some more pics to better...
Yes, I'm the same size across the board. Not sure why, but I seem to be in the minority in that regard. Most seem to size up or down 1/2 based on various lasts. But I am consistently a 9.5 and it just works for me. Having said that, I can wear a half size down on the 110 and it's fine, but my toe is right at the tip and it's not as good even though it works.
I like it way better than the 2030 last in that it's not as pointy and there is more room in the toe box which I find much more comfortable, but it still has a very low profile which I have mixed feelings about in a boot. To put it another way, the 1035 reminds me of a heavier Clark's desert boot and the 110 is much more of a regular work boot to me, which I prefer overall. They both have a nice shape though and are my favorites of all the lasts.
Managed to score these 110 Boondockers from the sample sale.  These are my grail, I never thought I'd get these in the 110.  Ironically, I had just received my 1035 Boondockers from Superdenim.  They make a nice pair, what do you guys think?  
Kidding.. ; )
Not an ignorant question at all. You see, Brooklyn Clothing likes Viberg's as much as we do and they are afraid that if they post them online, they might sell quicker. They would rather hold into them, I mean...wouldn't you?
Nice!  All but one looks like the 2030 last.  What a selection!  Wonder how they are fixed for sizes?!
New Posts  All Forums: