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 That's awesome.  They seem very versatile.
 That's very kind of you!  Don't push it though - recovery is much more important.
 Totally agree.  The first sample sale last summer I got my dream boot...Boondockers on the 110 last.  I wear them all the time, they are still my absolute faves.  There were a few others I could have gotten, but I stuck with just the one pair.  The second sample sale had almost nothing in my size and the one or two pairs that they did have had defects.  I was super excited for the second sale based on the first sale, but ended up disappointed.  There was supposed to be a...
I don't like this idea at all.  I mean, it's great for New Yorkers, but what about the rest of the country/world?  I half contemplated making a weekend out of it, but I think Meso is right and I'd hate to get all the way there and find nothing in my size.  I wonder what compelled them to abort the online sale this time?  Probably much less work to make people come to you versus having to handle all the logistics of shipping, etc.  Still, I don't like it.  I looked forward...
 I'm not nuts about it.  It looks like every other boot out there.  I love Viberg because they DON'T do what everyone else does.  I also don't know how robust the Goodyear welt is compared to the traditional Viberg construction. I've never said a negative thing about Viberg because I think they are an awesome company with awesome products.  But tell me that boot doesn't look boring and average?
I agree with what others have said...you should be fine with 8.5 in the 110 if that works for you in the 1035.  I'm the same size in both 110 and 1035.  But I found that the 2030 pinched a bit in that size, so I would have to go a half size up on that last, same as you.  
 I have been wondering that as well.  I think there is room for one pair of oxfords though.  At least I hope so!  I love them - just find that I reach for the boots all the time instead.  We'll see if that changes.
 Viberg sizes 9.5 in the dark brown and 10 in the tan.
 The dark brown ones are 145 oxfords that I got from the Blue Button Shop last year - brown cxl, full ripple sole.  The other pair is a 145 oxford smooth vintage tan I believe, with vibram christy sole that I scored on Ebay.  Sadly, neither pair sees the light of day.  I am more of a boot or chukka guy, so I may have to part with them if I don't get any wear out of them soon.
 I couldn't at first either.  But a year or two of diligence yields results.  It just takes time and patience.  The 110 is nowhere near as readily available as the 2030 for some reason.
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