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 I wear a 9.5 in Viberg (10.5 Brannock).  I use the large (L - 10-12) size in both shoe and boot tree.
That's probably due to the narrow pointed shape of the 2030 last.  I would try the boot tree instead of the shoe tree - you will likely have better luck since it's shape is more conducive to the 2030.
 Size of shoe trees matters, also type matters.  These are shoe trees: These are boot trees (often referred to as "Western Boot Trees", but they are not just for western style/cowboy boots): You can use either in a boot, but I prefer the boot trees.  They form to the vamp as it leads to the shaft.  It also raises the vamp and toe box slightly where the natural bend occurs and helps reduce wrinkling.   You can use a shoe tree in a boot as well, you just have to make sure...
That's an old wives tale.  Shoe trees are one of the best things you can do to extend the life of your boots.  Anyone who has them partially into the boot probably has the wrong size or style shoe tree.
They let you have a vacation??
Snap!  So we will get all 5 make-ups done?
Well, in studying your feet in the provided photo, I can confidently say that they will fit you.
That's the one.
There is an eraser you can buy that's specifically for suede. I've had good results with it. It literally looks like a rectangular pencil eraser.
You rock.  You will not be disappointed.
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