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 LOL, I know what you mean - Sears c. 1985 conjures up some vivid images!  More like post-traumatic flashbacks!  But if you add some real life creases, I think it will be totally fine.
 I actually really like that look.  I'll take a well worn and rugged look any day!
 That's cool - thanks for sharing that.  The various lasts are a bit mysterious if you aren't familiar with them.
 I wear boots year round, even in the peak Southern California summers.  I could never hold off on my Vibergs for the short "cooler" months.  They beckon me every time I open the closet door!  If I'm wearing jeans (which is most of the time), then there is a 90 percent chance I'm wearing a pair of Vibergs or Whites.   Those scout boots are badass - I don't know how you can possibly resist and hold out until winter!  You're a stronger man than I am! 
 I like everything you're saying!
 Damn!  Removing head from sand...
 How the heck did I miss this boat?!!!
 Thank you!  Not sure how they expect people to find that link, but I'm sure there is a method to the madness.
 Where is Viberg on the BCC site?  Haven't been able to find any - no link and nothing comes up for Viberg in the brand listing or search function.
 Haha...welcome to the asylum!
New Posts  All Forums: