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I love the dainite on these!  I think the crepe is what the people demand though.  Either way it will be killer! 
I am wearing my 110 chukkas again today though...this GMTO is inspiring me!       Socks peeking through are anonymousism btw!
 I would totally be wearing them on my Schwinn, but these aren't mine unfortunately.  I stumbled upon the photos and started drooling!  Just had to share!
Check out these nicely worn Engineers!  Man, these things really age nicely!  I'm liking the look of the 2005...and these in tobacco chamois...holy smokes!  
 I like it.  It's probably better suited to a 2030 chukka - which is a bit more refined I think.  A 110 chukka feels more chunky, rugged and old school - especially with a crepe sole.  Of course, that's just my own perception - I could be wrong about that. 
 Fok, did you say you like Chukkas?  Well that's perfect because we can get that done for you!    1) "Route 66"Model: ChukkaLast: 110Leather: Tan CalfTongue: Tan CalfEyelets: 3 hidden eyeletsSole: Crepe with sole unit (as opposed to wedge)Notes: Stitchdown construction
 You're right about this.  I like the look and functionality of pull tabs, but pants do have a tendency to get caught on them.  Guess it's less of an issue on wider pants or really slim pants that don't go all the way down anyway.  Wouldn't be an issue on the Hopper boot at all - they are tall enough.
An engineer boot on a 2030 last?  Now I've heard everything!  
Those boots really are the kind that you'd want to have out on display when you aren't wearing them!  Just a badass boot!  Viberg makes the best Engineer out there!  And that leather is just perfect for them!
Nice, I'll have to look those up.  I'm hooked on Anonymousism socks right now...can't seem to get enough of them!
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