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 Compare those to the 110:  And you begin to see the difference.  The 110 is much more of a natural shape in my opinion.  
 It is (or can be) similar to a dress boot.  Here is a photo of the 2030 compared to a 2040:  2030 is on the right.  I don't think some people realize how pointy it is, especially when comparing it to a traditional work boot.
 Ugh, I want to like it because it seems like #6 isn't going to get made if we don't get more vocal about it.  But it just looks so messy to me.  Don't get me wrong, I love it when boots get broken in and distressed looking naturally.  But the inconsistency in look that waxed flesh gives just doesn't do it for me.  Looks like something a homeless person would wear (no offense).  It's not perfectly imperfect like plain leather, it's almost over the top.  Not to mention the...
 Question about this because I've never owned waxed flesh before...the nap becomes inconsistent like this, right?  So do you just put more wax on it to get it smooth again?  And if you do, doesn't it get wax all over your pants?  Seems messy to me - trying to wrap my head around it.
I figure...they get here when they get here and they'll be great.
 I feel the same way.  But it's not looking good for the #6 Blue Collar Garage Boot unless we get more definitive interest guys.  Please don't let this one slip away - we will not see the likes of it any time again soon.  Are you guys seriously telling me that you don't need a rugged workboot in your stable?!  There is only 1 pair of 110 boots on the short list!  
Speaking of #6, a little history and some inspiration...   I scoured the internet and could not find the exact Viberg build anywhere.  You know what I'm talking about...a classic hard wearing work boot, something that should be simple to find due to it's simplicity.  Yet, the closest I came was the hailed Viberg x Palmer black & blue service boot, but the sole is different (red dainite): This very boot was the inspiration for the awesome Blue Collar Shitkicker, which...
Not opposed if it garnered even more interest.  But in general, the notion behind that boot is more of a classic work boot sans cap-toe.  
I'm a 10.5 on the Brannock and wear 10.5 in most normal shoes, Nikes, Vans, etc.  I'm a half size smaller (10) in Alden Barrie, Trubalance, etc.  I'm a full size smaller in Viberg (9.5).  Hope that helps.  Oh, and you should seriously consider #6!
I have owned both and I have pretty average feet (not wide, not narrow, D width generally).  Whenever I read about the 110 being a EEE width, it makes me smile because it looks/sounds so ridiculous to me (like a massively wide clown shoe or something!).  My experience is that the 110 feels like a normal comfortable fit with room to wiggle the toes.  As long as the length is the right size, I can wear slightly thicker socks if I want (boot socks) or I can wear regular...
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