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No worries, totally understand.
Fok, any chance I could put a note on my Hopper order for a blocked off heel instead of curved heel?  Do you think that's possible?  If not, I understand.
I think sizing on the 2005 is a bit confusing, even for Viberg vets if they have never been exposed to it.  I've tried almost every Viberg last (except this one) and I'm basically the same size across the board.  Some info suggests that I should stay with my Viberg size for the 2005.  Other info suggests I should size up a half size because the 2005 runs small.  Complicating matters further...everyone is different and what works for some may not work for others.  I haven't...
 Kudos to Viberg for doing these.  Very nice change of pace!
 That's USPS for ya!  Congrats and enjoy!  Post some pics!
What ShootThePier said...enter the German tracking number into USPS tracking and it should work if it's out of Germany and in the USA - even if it's in customs.
I gotta give you kudos for knowing that.  Thumbs up.. 
I think the whole thing was just a case of hurt feelings, which I can completely understand.  The way Understatesman commented on the color difference could have been phrased differently.  Instead of sounding like, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing those, he could have made it sound more like, I notice in the photo the color looks mismatched, is that correct?  If so, does it bother you?   That's all.  Geez guys.  Would an apology for any misunderstanding kill you?  Can...
New Posts  All Forums: