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 Totally.  Though they probably aren't aware of how it will age.  It was a bit of a rude awakening on my first pair of CXL boots...some Alden Indys.  I was so disappointed until I figured out how to make it work to my advantage (by letting it just get worse and worse until it became fantastic!).
This is one of my favorite examples of CXL...I get to have it where I like it to wear the most and rough out where I would normally not prefer the pull-up characteristic.  Not that I don't have full CXL boots as well, but this really fires on all cylinders for me:  
 This is certainly true!  Though I think I understood what he was trying to say.  I also don't think there is really CXL hate going on here.  Certain leathers have certain characteristics.  I love CXL sometimes (as in the case of the OP with the rubbed heal area), yet I'm not always a huge fan of the pull-up look.  I guess it really just depends on the boot or shoe.
 I don't think he's saying that CXL is cheap, just that it's so popular now-a-days, even some of the cheaper not so well made brands are using it - which doesn't always portray it in the most favorable light.
 LOL, I know what you mean - Sears c. 1985 conjures up some vivid images!  More like post-traumatic flashbacks!  But if you add some real life creases, I think it will be totally fine.
 I actually really like that look.  I'll take a well worn and rugged look any day!
 That's cool - thanks for sharing that.  The various lasts are a bit mysterious if you aren't familiar with them.
 I wear boots year round, even in the peak Southern California summers.  I could never hold off on my Vibergs for the short "cooler" months.  They beckon me every time I open the closet door!  If I'm wearing jeans (which is most of the time), then there is a 90 percent chance I'm wearing a pair of Vibergs or Whites.   Those scout boots are badass - I don't know how you can possibly resist and hold out until winter!  You're a stronger man than I am! 
 I like everything you're saying!
 Damn!  Removing head from sand...
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