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 Yeah, I think you're right.
Not sure what others think, but it feels like:   - 1 and 4 have combined (into the 110)   - 3 and 10 should combine (into the 110)   - 16 and 18 should combine into one derby (2030 or 1035)   - 14 Hopper boot is perfect, rounds things out nicely   - 6 looks like a unique 2030 GMTO type build   - 17 also seems like a good 2040 GMTO type build (sounds like it would have to be tobacco chamois)   - 8 and 15 need to merge somehow - they got that grey 2030 thing...
If #3 and #10 could combine into the 110, I'd probably be down for that too.
I totally agree.  I personally think hidden might be best, but maybe we let Rydenfan pick what he likes.
But you just said, "It's a fair point. I would opt for 110 over the 1035. If we are gonna do it, let's do it". And we also agree on the stitch down construction and the crepe sole...Let's do it!!!  
I think your call on the eyelets Fok.  I'd be ok either way.
Thank God for more 2030 boots.  They make so few of them.
I think that's a great idea!  Love silver tone with brown.  It will look great with the tobacco chamois!
This is very interesting to me...I like this idea.
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