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 I take a 10D in TruBalance and I'm a 10.5D normally.  I'm a 9.5 in all Viberg lasts except I will say that the 2030 pinched where it starts to curve to the pointed toe.  I was hoping the boot would just break in and that pain would go away, but it didn't and I didn't have the patience to keep going with them so I sold them.  In the future if I ever go for the 2030 last again, I'm going with a 10.  I think that would have been better and probably would have solved the...
Wow, beautiful job, thank you!!
 You mean you defaced a picture of Jesus??  Uh-oh...
 Yeah!  More than 3 boots this time around would be great!!!  They are all fantastic make-ups!  Though, I may have mentioned that I'm partial to the blue collar shitkickers...can't remember if I mentioned that once already...(haha!).
 Jesus was a carpenter...they wear blue collar shitkickers baby!  And he's clearly wearing Nike's in this photo, which was widely known to be his running shoe of choice.
 This exactly!  Let's put the love of Jesus toward the BLUE COLLAR SHITKICKER!  Jesus would want you to vote for this boot!  Look, he wore sandals, but if Viberg were around back then, you know damn well he would have forked over the bucks for these boots!
 Wow, you drive a tough bargain!  Are you in sales?  Alright, alright already...$20 toward your purchase!  The Chromepak is dead...it's obvious!  It's only in first position for the moment...it's about to drop down to 6!  Don't stay with a losing horse!   You can always get that apartment!  You can't always get this boot!  Come on Skeptical Jesus, where are your priorities?  $20...you can't say fairer than that!  
 Damn it Skeptical Jesus...OK already - I'll contribute $10 to your boot purchase if you vote blue collar shitkicker!  Come on man, you have Jesus in your name, you're a man of the people for Christ's sake...vote blue collar - you know you need it!!!
 Check this out guys...look what a good deal the blue collar shitkicker is...$715 versus $800!  Best deal in town!!  We gotta give it some more love!!!  It's an elegant work boot and could easily be dressed up or down!  How great would it be to have one of these bad boys in your stable... It'll be like this without the toecap and only 7 eyelets...   It's hard not to call these a "combo boot"...a combination of a gentleman's boot and a work boot!  Think about the...
 Seems to me that if you're buying multiple votes, then you better be prepared to buy multiple pairs of the boot.  Otherwise, I think what you're suggesting is a pretty cynical view of this group.
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