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This is what I picked up from the sample sale:     I hear they are having it in Los Angeles next year!   (just kidding).
 No doubt.  
 I miss the days of the online sale... 
 Almost inconceivable, but they are.  It has to be the leather - just feels thicker, heavier.  That combined with the commando sole = tank.
After months of debating, I decided to pull the trigger on the 110 service boots in mocha vintage from Notre.  I wasn't sold on the leather or the welt, but the price was too good to pass up.  All I can say is damn...I'm glad I got these!     They are super comfortable and extremely rugged.  Very heavy, solid, built like a tank - maybe more so than all my other Vibergs.  I'm not a huge fan of storm welts, but I like this antique flat welt A LOT!  The leather is...
No worries, totally understand.
Fok, any chance I could put a note on my Hopper order for a blocked off heel instead of curved heel?  Do you think that's possible?  If not, I understand.
I think sizing on the 2005 is a bit confusing, even for Viberg vets if they have never been exposed to it.  I've tried almost every Viberg last (except this one) and I'm basically the same size across the board.  Some info suggests that I should stay with my Viberg size for the 2005.  Other info suggests I should size up a half size because the 2005 runs small.  Complicating matters further...everyone is different and what works for some may not work for others.  I haven't...
 Kudos to Viberg for doing these.  Very nice change of pace!
 That's USPS for ya!  Congrats and enjoy!  Post some pics!
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