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Awesome!  Thanks so much Fok...super excited about these makeups!
 Here here!  Thank you Fok - you rock!
 I didn't plan on it, I swear!  It's Fok's fault!
 LOL!!!  Now I don't feel so bad...I'm probably only two rows deep at this point! 
 Ah yes...therein probably lies my problem.  I thought I was already signed in and checked out via PP as a guest. My bad.  Oh well, at least it went through and I'll know for next time.  Great, thanks Fok...you're a bad influence...now I can buy more boots!
 Just ordered!  Damn, can't seem to get enough Vibergs!   Fok, just FYI...not sure if you are aware of this or if others are experiencing this problem, but every time I place an order, it says that the email address I have in there is already being used and it won't let me proceed.  Unless I enter a different email address, it won't accept the order.  So I used a different email address I have when I ordered the Blue Collar Garage Boots and the Half Japanese, and yet...
 Yep!  Pull tabs aren't new to Viberg, just not oft seen.
Yes, those are the ones.  They aren't just for western boots, they work with any boot.  I used to use regular shoe trees in my boots, White's even sells them.  But they don't work as well as the boot trees in my experience.  Boots need that "ramp up" on the wooden tree, not only for shape, but I find it also helps reduce creases.
They are actually boot trees made in the USA by Rochester Shoe Tree Co.  They come in sizes S, M, L and XL and fold into the boot like a normal shoe tree and are held in place by built in springs.  They work great, best I have found for my Viberg boots.  Two pieces of advice I can give...first, always use trees in your boots/shoes, they really help extend the life of them and are a worthy investment for $30.  And second, always get the versions that are made in the USA,...
New Posts  All Forums: