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  Not the best lighting in these photos, but I think it compares well to the photos on the website. Feels nice.
There's no sun here to take a picture, but if you want to see them in really bad lighting, here goes:Merlot McAllister vs. Bob's Chili Bleecker Street.Love them both, but love the Bleecker Street slightly more.
I suggest displaying the same attitude in interviews that you do in this thread. Then you need not worry how your suit looks.
My second pair of thrifted Canali pants. I almost always buy for myself, but sell a few things. I thought I might flip these until I tried them on. They fit great and I don't think I'll even need to hem them. Which is good, because I just realized that I currently have nine pairs of pants waiting to be altered. In the background is the third overcoat that I've bought this spring, which is possibly more obsessive than buying a dozen pairs of pants.
Hopefully, your tailor knows about these things, and can advise you. ?
Check the size advisor. Ignore the advice it gives you, but all the dimensions for each fit are in there. It sounds like we are very close to the same size... I haven't tried the Napoli, because based on the dimensions, it won't work for me.
I know this record. Nice find. Found a suit jacket today containing a blister pack of Viagra, with one tablet left. Passed.
That's my point actually. :) It makes it hard to give meaningful advice to the op. If he thinks bright red pants will work well for the places he goes, then he should try wearing some.
I'm old and know little about clubbing. But the few places I've been would never let you in dressed like some of these examples. Dress up and go some place nicer. The girls will be drunk there too. But then I'd rather pick up girls in a library.
Fair enough, and don't take my "no one here would buy one" as an insult; I was referring to the ties I usually see, not yours. However, I do think your offer to Friskydingo was a bit hasty. :)
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