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hope you managed to prevent it getting worse ... as oyu say once it has started it will not go away and only get worse hopefully you stopped wearing those shoes!
yeah it sucks mate - hate having flat feet :)
yeah totally agree with that mate - i have the same issue of the bulge at the inside of most loafers where my arch should be and hate how that looks especially with narrow or rolled up trousers - jamie
Hi all - I have been desperately trying to locate these loafers too since I first saw pics of RG wearing them (very well). I too am pretty sure they are Gucci or maybe prada which means they may have been a special for one season - found some online from one of these brands that I was pretty sure may have been the ones and even ended up on the phone to shops in London and Paris before giving up. any further ideas please post Jamie (massive Ryan Gosling fan too!)
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