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i stayed in ba for around 3 months last august with a friend and with my age group (25-29) i saw a lot of them wearing shirts and jeans. i dont think youd look too out of place if u went with like chambray/linen/oxford bd's. that was pretty much what i wore when i was there and matched with jeans. for footwear i rec either supergas or purcells. something breathable and nice on the feet if u plan on walking alot
Quote: Originally Posted by Lance Well Zissou - I don't know about the others who have already paid, but if no one else is interested and if Nathan will still make them, I'll pay the extra money; let's get on with it. Looks like a great shirt! Lance Haha, yep!! Ask Nathan when he's going to be opening his store. If what you said is true and he can do custom whatever, I'm sure a lot of people here would give him business.
mttlee0- If you want black with white, it seems that #27 is the one for you. zissou- Yes, please let us know. So is this the only thing that is MTM/Custom or is everything he does MTM/Custom? I want to get the blue/white striped chambray in a standard button down with maybe a button down collar...
Does Nathan only do work shirts or are the choices work shirts because you chose so?
havent bought anything from self edge or farinellis since i live in chicago, but i hope your releases arent as chaotic as the crate/farinellis jean
al's attire? dont know if theyre bespoke but i pass by their store daily and it seems cool
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Did you forget about America, Spain, France, and Italy? Actually I think probably any western country has overall better food available than asian countries. You'll have to excuse me though, I'm just sick of eating oil and hua jiao every day. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN XIAO FENG YOU?!?! IF WE DON'T ADD OIL IT WON'T BE DELICIOUS!" *pours more oil in* what is american food?
Quote: so mine were a bit special.....but also pre-SZ line he has going on now, and before he got a chainstitch machine. How does Andewhall hold up? better than the japanese stuff I have. I love the fit and the details and the fact that it's cone denim. would cop again out of curiosity, exactly which jap denim/s? how do these compare to pbjs/somets? those are the 2 i'm really looking at right now (other than aws)..
which summer shoe? this blucher from quoddy: this moc from buttero in brown/black: black/white boat shoe:
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