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Didn't realize this thread is 7 yrs old lol Anyway here is what I wear @ the gym Not basketball shorts..but I do prefer mesh shorts..I have mostly nike and champion shorts U also need moisture wicking (dri fit material) undershorts..can't stress this enough..I got a good deal of an Adidas version at kohls I sweat a lot at the gym..so a plain white tee won't work out well..I wear a pack of Hanes shirts..comes with 2 grey and 2 black t shirts..(like $9-$12)..they match...
I love williamsburg
stay in hotels in jersey city..then hop on the path train to 33rd st (2 blocks from penn station)..hotels in jersey are a lot cheaper
The matches today are snoozefests other than Italy/Uruguay..but there is still a great chance I will fall asleep watching that
He's the guy who is going to be the starting pitcher in the All Star game in a couple of weeks
Benzema PK Fail.. Ball hog
Sanchez is so fun to watch
Americans do not like soccer..most couldn't name 1 player on Barcelona nor tell u what league PSG is in
For potatoes I use a knife..much quicker..but I'm wasting pieces of potatoes that way
Good job yankees sweeping M's
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