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They cost 1/3 less than the 1k, and with the beefy/lug sole, have slightly less "dress" pretensions than the 1k.   But yeah, worse than the damage is that they thought it was a good idea to put that in their product photo.   Or knew it wasn't a good idea and being that they're a small startup just didn't realize they had options.   Can imagine the anxiety that caused.   Nice looking boots otherwise. Wonder how the fit is.  
  Factory First. Wolverine customer support has dropped off the face of the earth on me twice, now. Am I being unreasonable to want these replaced? I realize that the glue is *supposed* to hold when the stitches are gone, but the first thing the cobbler will need to do to put a vibram on these new boots is grind off the stitching. These are supposed to last a lifetime, and if Wolverine won't own up to their lousy QC now, they sure won't take care of me down the road...
So my Addisons showed up.. The left boot has a zebra effect where larger pores took up more of the dark color. The right boot has a pinch in the heel and the leather on that side is a little more relaxed than the rest of it.   Nothing as bad as some of what people have posted here, but not what I was hoping for. I don't know from shoe construction though - is that pinch reasonable, and not a sign of careless manufacture?   Not that they wouldn't get beat to hell...
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