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John Nordstrom comes through with some of the hottest blazers, yours included... it's so frustrating that even with 100% LP cash there's almost no market cuz I come across them daily.
   You're rebuttal isn't even fair. One of the most ridiculous finds I've seen. I mean the odds, and the extremely limited supply, it's just crazy.
  That is seriously a level of weird I cannot even fathom. 
There's been times where I've forgotton the cart and hit runs that left me with my hands so full that I am unable to carry anymroe and I have shit spilling on the floor, but do I relinquish position and grab a cart? Naw I just gently scoot the shit on the floor along with me until my work is done. Never ever stop until you've finished that row or section, no matter what.
Was up all night working, then early this morning was right back at it, I needed a break, and that just means get in my car and hit a spot or two. So I did.   Brioni Gingham mint and a Carroll and Co I kinda liked and then saw it's made by Bruli so it was worth the 4 bucks     I have a weird thing for super heavy wool twill trousers. Now I finally own a pair with half lined leather pockets and waistband adjusters      This first item was a shot in the dark, cheap...
I have a couple DH ties I bought at the boutique back in my Hedi worshipping days, and the thing that looks the most off, is what those tags are attached too. I'd say legit, just never thought I'd see a tie over 3 inches come from that Design house.
This quote did not get the praise it deserved. Too good.
Haha swear I didn't see your post and I'm not informed when people mention via email anymore, crazy timing....and thank you 
Some ties   Charvet, Dunhill, Brioni, Lanvin 100% wool made in Scotland, Charvet, T&A, Seaward & Stern by Ben Silver, Zegna, Ferragamo, Harvie & Hudson x2     Huntsman by Drakes, Charles Hill for Barneys, Luciano Barbera, Talbott BOC for Carroll Co, Etro, Richard James, Saint Andrews for Barneys       Couple Brooks Bros Suits, 1. Made in US w/ Loro Piana Super 110 wool 2. Birdseye weave made in Italy         Polo RL Corneliani 100% Cashmere Navy...
But in efforts of choosing the best selling strategy using pique in a title for a whool jacket probably isn't the most advantageous you think? I believe, technically that that fabric would be referred to as a loose weave hopsack wool blazer. Pique is for knits. Hopsack is the general keyword referencing an exposed and textured solid woolen weave on a blazer. It can also be used interchangibly for describing any type of irregular blazer texture that doesn't other wise have...
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