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For all you basketball fans out there
Fuck it, im going to the valley.
Is that a thread pull I see? .... LA needs places like that, that just write random, low prices in crayon on post it notes and then staples them to the clothes...you can find those place in the valley...but then you gotta go to the valley.
Haha, well thank you, I appreciate that.
That Polo is legit and Elder Statesmen is Cucinelli type quality. Nothing really needs to be said about Brioni, it's Brioni.
Ok, thanks for the clarification, I knew I read they were related, and by the quality of this shirt it made sense. Thanks
Keep in mind that with wear unsanforized denim will form to your body better than sanforized, take measurements of your favorite fitting pair of jeans using the Blue in Green Soho method and that way you will be able to tell if a pair of unsanforized denim will shrink to work with you. I personally prefer it, it fits better, has nicer/cleaner fades, and is usually darker with a tighter weave, but that's just my personal opinion, I have sanforized as well and like them too,...
And so it begins...  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
Feel the need to post the strangest assortment of clothes I personally have ever seen. Thrifted mostly today and one stop yesterday...shits about to get real weird
Had a pretty epic haul today but I too popped a cherry as well...  Leather buttons and all in tact. Found a store that only deals in high end vintage clothing, not just another vintage clothing store, and their coat rack is out of this world. Really has me contemplating integrating vintage into my store, because all her stuff is epic and in pristine condition. Sorry for the shitty cell phone shots, but that's pretty funny. The coat is amazing. Thinking about posting the...
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