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Hey guys, haven't posted in a while, took a little break from thrifting, but after a few days of field work, I guess I'm due for some pics    Trevelyan Ties x11 Eton is NWT's, Pop on Alexander Olch tie (found suspenders before) The 7 Folds, Barba x2, Domenaco Vacca, Kiton, Borrelli RRL x2, Pop on Olch shirt too...New & Lingwood, Barba, Oxxford, CIfonelli   Sick 100% Linen vtg Polo Jacket, looks like an A-1, love this thing   Sick actual Sports Jacket, as...
  As 9/10 I would agree totally with your suggestion for most general purposes of understanding garments. Whether construction, feel, quality, cut, etc... there is absolutely zero other way to truly learn about these things than to go to the highest end menswear store near you and just fucking go to town. The higher and exclusive the menswear store, the more likely their will be employee specialists for each brand, and at first they may be annoyed by a look-e-loo after a...
This also can for sure be applied, still having difficulty identifying the fakes from the real, their eye for the "Zegna" probably is yet to develop. But no doubt, after a little time, they are as easy to spot out from the front as they are from the back.
All 4 of those ties are very very fake. Those keepers do not even remotely resemble any design either have ever used, moreover the overall quality of them appears quite cheap and poorly done.
JUST FOR PERSONAL CLARIFICATION, IF YOU DO NOT MIND....   Was Subject #1 left behind while Subject #2 was purchased?
Dude, i have my own in my lap since the first mention. I haven't even found a loop but I'm well aware of what's being referenced. Just never heard someone make a judgement call using this as the the rational.
What that guy said......equals an older suit....quality not quite as good as present, Caruso delivered their "right down the middle" package in production.
The same loose thread loop that can be seen on the internal construction of probably 99% of all the interior small/large blades of ties manufactuctered?
No Loop? What loop are you referencing? The keeper? Cuz it's very much there. That shit's real, dunno what has you doubting.........and sorry zero comment on the other.
That's cuz your above your early to mid 20s tops (older and involvment and that's just crazy guys). It essentially means that getting shoes these days are fucking impossible because of how insane the shoe game is. The releases your waiting on are already almost entirely sold to dudes who have deals with the boutiques and they turn around and sell them for like x10 the retail. Otherwise, the "bots" are like middle eastern computer farm workers that you pay, and their job is...
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