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This is exactly what I'm talking about. You can't even make a single comment to me or about me without starting with a jab and making sure I know you block my posts. I am put on the offensive here without provocation by haters that you fit the mold of without even addressing you, ever, cuz there was never a need.Your now magnifying two weeks and making it seem like it's all I done. I lied that day about my finds cuz i allowed shitheads like you to get to me and in return I...
So I've concluded that maintaining a role as an active member here is pointless. There are smart people here, they know and have known for about 7 months now who they should PM regarding anything they need know about any aspect of this industry and to find the right answer. But I'm sure that happens with all of you guys. There are haters here that chose that route cuz I guess hating is a look they find suits them, and to them, they may proceed with their salty existence...
Ironic time to disregard a quick proofread
Some of the realist words ever written.
This is a waste of my time, I got shit to measure and photos to take. You all may just continue talking shit. It looks good on you.
I've posted 1,042 pics to his 45. My wordy rants contain much substance, just few of you are actually smart enough to obtain it. While others want to flex their false sense of superiority on internet threads. I don't need anyone backing up the fact that I've given immensely to this thread, the sheer amount of messages I receive when I came back is proof in itself. I didn't know who horses ass was until 2 hours ago, and as far as your concerned, the feeling is mutual....
Well im sure those 45 photos play a significant role in that, you shouldn't make them public if this plan of yours is such a secret.
Ah you have done something, you have entertained us with 45 photos. Thank you for your vast wealth of knowledge and plethora of photographed evidence to back up your ever so deserving respect and admiration.... How about you stop trying to be an asshole, cuz you suck at it, and actually give something to the thread. You may actually feel good about yourself.
Yes, my delusions of superiority just ooze out of my posts. Nice reference. Do you do anything else around here but make vein attempts at being an asshole? Edit: I'm also quite confident with what I know, and very confident it supersedes whatever may be rattling between your ears. I've dedicated, not just personally, but formally educationally, and professionally both for companies and personally, the last decade to menswear...what have you done?
Although it would make the thread a lot more colorful if it was truly bragging and shit got real.
New Posts  All Forums: