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 Price range?
Thats that shit right there. 
And for those out there who want to calculate their markup % it's just Retail-Cost/Retail
To run a sustainable retail business (or any retail business, even if its just a side hobby) aim for the 55% markup. That would be 55% more than what you paid, or at the very least, a 2.2 markup, that being 2.2 X the amount you spent. In my eyes, that is the only way to make the process of everything else (cannot overlook time spent hunting and gas spent driving from place to place) such as the hours spent taking photos and measuring worth it. When I was working for a very...
Start off modestly with an Armani Collezioni Blue Dress Shirt made in Italy opposed to the cheaper stuff   Than this navy blue basket weave Canali Proposta One button Jacket   Navy Blue Double Breasted 100% Cashmere Castangia   A practically brand new (doesn't look like its ever been worn) Brown Houndstooth Ermenegildo Zegna 15 milmil 15 Silk Suit   Then Glen Plaid with Blue Windowpane Belvest    And my favorite, this ridiculous Sulka Leather Bomber     Went...
Unless those are authentic vintage which they very well could be seeing is that the redline looks to be completely washed out of the selvage seam, and they are not LVC repro's (plus I don't think LVC makes waists that big). What is stamped on the back of the top fly button?
sorry double post
I had no idea they made selvage jeans in size 50 waist. You did fairly well, especially if they've barely been worn/washed...I'd say really well, but I don't how many people out there with a 52 inch waist that give a shit about the quality of their denim...they obviously don't give a shit about their quality of health so selvage denim is probably not a concern. 
Saturday was a good day to be thrifting...if you spend money like I do, and that is until you have none left. I went in hard, pics in a little
Second Post   Belvest charcoal gray blazer with blue windowpane   Anderson & Sheppard Bespoke Slacks (Think just the slacks were made, found in the pants section at a store that is pretty good at not separating jackets and pants)   Brioni gray 100% Silk Shirt   Incotex brown super 100s pants made in Italy   Navy (I know it looks black) Bespoke Oxxford Clothes Blazer   2 Carroll & Co Super 100s Suits by Jack Victor, Fully Canvassed, One Gray and One...
New Posts  All Forums: