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This is correct, my statement was totally false. I've found personally, all the ways to harm mine are by simply not taking care of responsbilities, missing payment dates, or not staying on top of finances and such. However absolutely, foreclosure or eviction are obviously not in a persons control and unfortunate and hurt credit. Hell, I tried to cancel a credit line cuz I no longer wished to have an account at a certain bank, found out canceling the credit line will hurt...
Right store, wrong location. Wahoos is quite delicious.
I could and would never forget Dapper Dan....hell the guy is still doing business. You know who he is hired buy to make custom clothing for? Floyd Mayweather, he's making all his shit currently.
During that time you would also see garments such as      Bonus Trivia:T or F: Was Jompso watching 106th and Park on BET one day and after the end of the new Hot Boys video, immediately purchase a full velour Burberry tartan nova check velour suit....as in head to toe nova check velour? True. Regrets? That I don't still own it.
  I guess I am the only one that recalls the absolute insane sneaker market at the turn of the century. The thousands of fakes using fabric swatches from Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry, Dior, Coach etc.... None of these things ever happened for real. There were never liscensed releases. All are fake, shoes to the fabric.
That's when you take a deep breath, gather yourself, and you run. And fuck morality issues, there's so much shit in the back they'd never know......but seriously though....if this is a real life possibility, you need to restructure the contents of your wallet, because this is a problem that should never be allowed to occur. Leaving any type of grail piece behind, or something with killer fucking margins, cuz your debit is Running on E should be a misdeamenor, passed and...
What about that moment when you realized you give a shit what they think... Fuck em and gut their fucking inventory while your at it, who gives a shit? They're not getting you paid.  EDIT: Or as I like to quote whenever applicable, the eternal words of Jay-Z, "What they eat don't make you shit"
Well you can definitely fight something like that. You don't have listed measurements, you have actual images of the shirt measured, proving in an unarguable fashion what the measurements are. It just comes down to whether or not you want to fight this guy based on principle or just say fuck it, its 22 bucks and just relist it and move on. I'll leave my decision if in your shoes out of the equation entirely. 
Tilting at windmills? New one. Can you not purchase the same frames again so you don't need to spend for replacement prescription lenses? Cuz buying another pair of glasses seems like a waste of time, just buy the ones you have and you don't have to buy anything else. Edit: This would have easily been concluded immediately so there must be something I'm missing, so nevermind. 
I did, but I was just showing a picture of the new label that I literally just saw for the first time, today.
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