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Today's finds   RLPL, YSL wool knit, Ike Behar, Romeo Gigli, Ferragamo, Hickey Freeman Handtailored, Zegna, Hermes, Faconnable, Stefano Ricci, BB stain resistant, Talbott BOC         Lot of Canali today. The blue one on the left has a really nice weave. One of the right is wool/cashmere         Dolce & Gabbana Luxury Line blazer     Normally wouldn't pick up but this blazer is really nice. Patch pocket, navy blue, Loro Piana Cashmere blend   Giorgio...
Hey guys, been off the thread for a few days. Just been working but I made a couple stops a few days ago and didn't post so here it is.   BB 1818 Regent loose weave unlined unstructured jacket     BB Makers Regent w/ Loro Piana Rain System Wool       Daks Signature made in England       Love the color on this blazer. Brooksfield triple patch pocket made in Italy blazer, "master collection"     RL Polo Italy Corneliani x2       Bernini Platinum...
You left out Japan in your timeline. They had production in Japan. Also I think I gotta disagree. First, just because it's made in China, doesn't mean it's shitty, it just means that Ralph's being an asshole by spending the least he can while charging the most he can. A lot of their pieces though, the heritage inspired tweed vest and jackets, the quality of their knits and cashmere pieces, the ridiculous leathers, and the fact that they use pretty damn good denim when...
Craigslist meet up, could be interesting. 
My apologies, our paths got cross, for some reason I was thinking that you were saying they were rare enough that you could get a much higher price for them then what they retail for if you found them at a thrift spot and resold them, not just normal mark up, which is still good, I just didn't catcha ya for a minute.
THRIFT HEADS UNITE......So I have this opportunity to buy a NWOT's but all tags and store stuff included, Tom Ford Suede and Lambskin leather jacket with black knit sleeves for $500 bucks. Do I pull the trigger and go and cop this thing?
First off, why would Momotaros fetch a high price from thrift when you can go to multiple stores online to get them at cost. Secondly I don't know what your point is, that I wasn't aware that in 2011 they came out with a 20oz jean that they planned to make part of mainline production but quickly went defunct and unheard from again? WOOPS.
I believe it's safe to say, that you are making a wise decision. That suits gorgeous and is worthy of being the first keeper.
I'm not trying to educate anyone, I'm simply stating the fact that mid-century, jeans were not hemmed, they were cuffed. Hemming was expensive because it would mean you had to purchase more clothes, and back then mothers often made clothes for their children to save money as well. Jeans came in one length and were rolled up to the right length then let down as the kid grew. Patches were sewn on holes and if you grew out of them, then they were passed down to your younger...
RRL Officers Chino
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