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Damn, that Daks.... And Norman Hilton is super underrated. Fully canvassed suits made amazingly well. This thrift by me got around 30-40 dropped off a few weeks back...copped me a navy flannel, love it.
Haha good call.
I'd kill to have a set of these. Nice work.
Doesn't seem like anyone chimed in...hope it's not too late.. pass for sure. Those are not the jam...at all.
EBAY USER WARNING: mullendkeith ... I have no clue if this is deemed worthy of ban list, but buyer won a pair of shoes from me on the 22 of Feb, Did not pay until the end of the day on the 25th, I sent them out the following morning of the 26th and he opened an "I didn't get my item case" against me yesterday, 5 days after the item was shipped. Item arrived today, even though it was supposed to be tomorrow, but this buyer lied to ebay saying I was ignoring his messages and...
It wasn't the three words, it was the fact that he clearly didn't read anything that I wrote. And then in turn said exactly what I said back to me like I was an idiot. The three words didn't help, but if your gonna respond to what someone wrote, be sure to actually read it first.
I guess were not reading things either. Please reference above if you would like to see what you supported.
Funny, I am in the process of doing the exact opposite. BINOBO brought me an absurdly profitable January followed by a February that was absolutely horrid. I also possess so much inventory that I need to start moving in greater quantity. I shall no longer fear the 7 day auction.
8 straight hours and a back that is no longer functional, I have successfully measured every piece of fodder I have accumulated over the past 6 months or so and I now have a living room again. Every piece of vintage Hilfiger, vtg Polo, Pendletons, Woolrich, Orvis (not saying the latter aren't good brands, but a majority of the time should not be purchased unless they are for personal use) all the way to the Borrelli's, Isaia's, and Brioni dress shirts. Every piece of...
New Posts  All Forums: