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Low resale....Vtg Lo with the Horse aren't in demand by dudes that drop a lot on the shit....got schooled to the Lo game by PlayDice, so these aren't my words.
don't forget Zara....Real talk.
Really??? Either it definitely has not always been like this or maybe I'm confusing with Visvim. Wonder if I have any pieces left at home to check because their e-store conveniently leaves out country of origin in the item descriptions, which I've usually found to not be a good sign but I guess I'm outta the loop, haven't copped from that store in years, my bad.
+1...and yes recent.
Unless your images include measuring tape proving you are in the right, then your kinda sol. It's their word against yours. And a lesson to live by....buyers don't read shit, ever. If you got the item back and took it to a tailor and had them measure it and document it on their letter head proving you were in the right, then you may be able to bring it back to ebay and appeal proving your case...I dunno what other course you can take though since ebay has no way of...
On it. Let me know when you thrift some PBJ xx-013s and it's a trade.
I hit a thrift that's nearly across the street from the Supreme store. The place is a goddamn fucking madhouse almost every day. The line goes for blocks. Dudes fucking beat each others asses in line over spots and shit. Supreme is fucking next level swd, so far ahead of anybody else. And it makes no sense, the clothing is not of any quality and it's all made in China. But if it's box logo anything, or logo anything, or limited screen print Tees and stuff, forget it,...
I appreciate it. And yea that piece is really fucking old, I'd definitely guess 70s.
Eh, yea perhaps, however when you make something a policy and remind them of it in an invoice, sellers kinda look at it as essentially their time frame and something they need to adhere to, so not too worried about it. But yea I know that ebay doesn't give a shit about personal policies sellers state, regardless if each auction is supposedly a "legally binding contract between two private parties"....when it's actually just a sale with a fucking middle man policing your...
100% you should have been sent shoe trees. I currently have a pair of brand new unworn Becketts. yellow shoe bags, John Lobb trees. They are from the prestige line, you can tell the prestige from the basic by the very distinct soul the premium tier has, they also retail for a buck shy of $1,800 dollars, this price range gets you free Trees. And although I never speak out my ass, only chime in when I know what I'm talking about, but here's an image just for fun.  The...
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