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Hey @Einstine,   We haven't tried it on a guy as of yet... pretty sure it would work, if you want to fire over your measurements we can figure it out for you.    Cheers,  Will
Great to hear! Sounds like a smashing outfit, would love to see the finished look. Hopefully the winter won't be quite as harsh as Hoth but glad to hear you are prepared ;)    Will
Hey guys, This week we have the main man Walter showing us how he will be wearing his OTHER/man essentials. Looking sharp as ever Walter.    OTHER/man Jarvis Coat http://bit.ly/1xryyfu CA4LA Hat http://bit.ly/144qlmX       OTHER/man Jack Cotton Drill Blazer http://bit.ly/1svSAAb OTHER/man Felix Crop Trouser http://bit.ly/1EkTIwm Stephan Schneider Bark Knit http://bit.ly/1pIADD9 Beton Cire Hat http://bit.ly/1GHYKqA       OTHER/man Edward pleat...
Hey guys, Winter is most definitely upon us in London town, and with OTHER/man making its final drops online and in store we present a small AW14 editorial 'Only Happy When it Rains', which at the moment is every day! Hope you enjoy...             If you want to take a closer look at the collection just head over to the online store: http://bit.ly/1EinSC8 with the last drop expected any day now, we will keep you informed. Look forward to hearing your thoughts...
Hey guys,    In case you were wondering what we are wearing at OTHER/shop we thought we would share it with you... This week we have the awesome Birthday John, A long time member of the OTHER/family (who came in on his birthday, well... once)  Anyway, we love Birthday John. And he loves Etudes.    Here he's wearing the Etudes Seame Hat -http://bit.ly/1xXrpS8 The Etudes Cable Knit Romance Sweater -http://bit.ly/1xXrhlQ OTHER/man Karl trouser...
Hey @LA Guy it certainly does!    The brim can be altered and shaped as you see fit, meaning it can work with a wide variety of head shapes. It can be more peaked and worked into a softer rolled style.  It's a really great piece and a firm favourite of ours over here in London.    I believe yours just went out in the mail today, can't wait to see how you wear it.    Cheers   Will 
Hey Fok,  Thanks for the enquiry. Is it this one? The Winter Twister Peak style?     A really great piece for the cooler months, and a classic CA4LA style that I know you're a fan of...   Best,    Will 
CHEER UP GOTH!    To celebrate the longer nights and halloween's approach, we're offering a scarily good 20% off everything online and our our boo-tique (sorry)    Just enter the code all-together-ooky when checking out to claim!   Happy Halloween!  
Hey guys,  We've been very busy at OTHER HQ! This week shooting a little AW14 editorial, so here is a sneak peak for you...             With the brisk mornings sinking in we are happy to let you know that OTHER/man outerwear is now in store and will be emerging online very soon, will keep you updated and looking forward to hearing what you think...   Cheers, Will
  Apologies guys,  Completely understand the reaction to the post. Naturally it was not intended to irritate anyone nor go against the values of the forum, we're very sorry if it came across crass in any way.The looks, although styled and selected by Mr Hewitt himself, were obviously not all from his personal collection!We admit it was rather clumsy on our part and in all honesty, we're quite new to the SF community, but don't worry we've learnt from our mistake  Look...
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