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Hey LA Guy,  Sure... The outer shell as you nicely put it, is a wool flannel, the contrasting under layer is also wool but as you can see is knitted. It is a nice piece isn't it.   Cheers,  Will 
Those are the measurements for size Medium, for Large add 1cm to each.    Cheers,  Will 
Hey Benesyed,  Sure, here are the measurements for both trousers...    Peddler waist 30" thigh at crotch level 27cm flat Knee 20cm flat opening 18cm flat   Celtis Waist 30" Thigh at crotch flat: 26cm Knee: 19cm Opening flat: 16cm   Hope it helps,  Will
Hey Caveat, Thank you, glad you like them. Yes, the main differences are the material and the slimmer cut of the Celtis, I say 'slim, relaxed cut' because the cut is still somewhat relaxed, but slimmer than the Peddler. The Celtis trouser is a Black/Grey fade made from the same material as the men's Bark top, and the Peddler is more of a Grey Cashmere mix which is the same fabric as the women's Species Wool Coat.    Hope this helps,  Will  
Hey guys, We’ve had another drop of Stephan online and thought you might like to see how we’ve been styling it…   Definitely a staple for the winter months, the Peddler Wool trouser is a winner in our books.   Finely detailed wool leave n a relaxed cut. Pictured styled with the MHL by Margaret Howell Staff Jacket and EYTYS all white, leather upper sneakers.        The Weeds Hooded jacket is a lovely transitional piece that cuts a loose silhouette. Concealed...
Hey guys! The sun is shining in London today, great autumnal evening to look forward to. We are very happy to announce a new designer who has joined the OTHER/family...     MHL by Margaret Howell:           First drop of the season, check out some of the styles: http://bit.ly/1pLbn84     Lots more AW14 menswear from Etudes,          As well as a handsome collection of Our Legacy's AW14, here are some of our favourites...    Archive...
Hi Benjaminba, We will be stocking the album scarves very soon... sit tight and we will let you know. Until then we do have the Lemna - http://bit.ly/1nIOOS7 and the Media - http://bit.ly/1qJ8msL    Thanks for getting in touch, Will 
Hey guys,   Happy Labour day! We hope you are kicking back and enjoying it wherever you may be. If that involves treating yourself to something new to wrap yourself in then we have a little something for you.   To celebrate Labour Day with OTHER/shop and take 15% off all purchases between now and midnight Monday just enter the code STARSNSTRIPESFOREVER when checking out  Shop mens: http://bit.ly/1jh1aj2  Shop womens: http://bit.ly/1eGvBun   And spare a thought for...
Hi NaTionS, I've just emailed you about that, the issue should be fixed. Thank you for letting us know.    Cheers,  Will
Hey guys,  Our lovely Kirk, OTHER/shop co-owner has given us a run down of his favourite picks in store this week. He is wearing... OTHER/man Albert Buffalo check http://bit.ly/1llfZqt Christophe Lemaire Convertible Collar Shirt http://bit.ly/Vzo2DA A Kind Of Guise Navy Tuz Trousers http://bit.ly/VKQWAF   If you want to see more of Kirk's choices just head to our Facebook page and 'What we are Wearing'    How would you wear it?   Cheers,  Will
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