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Hey @Ritchee   The Generation shirt has an all over natural white ink print that will wash down with time, this gives it a more crisp texture. It is a beautiful shirt and will see you nicely into spring/summer.   Cheers,  Will
Hey @BBSLM    We're looking at it. Basically it's a little more expensive than it's been before. So we're not decided on it yet... It would retail between £600 and £800 GBP    What do you guys think? It's definitely the higher end of the spectrum for us, so it's always good to hear feedback before we commit!    Will 
Hey @abam   We'll only be getting the Kaftan Coat in black wool.  Not too different from the previous seasons style. In our opinion the fabric is much nicer though, very heavy and super soft. The positioning on the pockets has also changed slightly, they're straight, rather than slanted.    That said, we'll be placing our Lemaire orders this week so we can look at the options of pre ordering if any of you guys are looking for something in particular : )    Just...
Thanks for the interest guys,    We'll be getting the suit coat (look 19) and the Kaftan coat (look 30)    The other's are beautiful, but Lemaire as it stands is the higher end of of price range and most of the other styles are a little too expensive for our customer base unfortunately! Frustrating I know, but we have to leave some budget for new brands too : )    We're yet to finalise our orders, the books are still open for a couple of weeks. If you'd be interested...
Hey @BBSLM Looks like the knit in that pic is just the V Neck sweater. Simple but beautiful, in a black Yak wool.    The other knitwear pieces are the Drape Cardigan which have no closure to them, but can be secured by wrapping them around the body and tucking them into the trousers, which gives a really close, clean feel. Something a little 60's about it, but very modern never the less. They can also be worn untucked obviously. Sort of like a luxurious kimono.    As...
Hey @Mulan    Yep, it was an amazing collection. Super wearable, but still with all the plays in proportion that we've come to expect from Christophe. Definitely one of our favourites for PMW    That coat is called The Maxi Coat, according to the line book, it's just a Herringbone Wool Tweed, but you're right, the description doesn't do it justice. It's a really special fabric, with a fairly loose weave to it, yet still dense, heavy and very warm. It needs to be seen...
Craig Green AW15 at London Collections: Men            Ever beautifully cut garments, with a bold red touch we can't wait to see the collection up close. What was your stand out piece? Craig's SS15 is now available in store and will be available as of next week.     Use the link below for notification on the delivery of the unmissable collection: http://www.other-shop.com/craig-green-ss15   Cheers, Will
@NYLON As long as it isn't pressed/dry cleaned the texture the crinkle texture should continue. Stunning piece if you can get your hands on it!
A very happy New Year! We hope it is treating you well and the festive period brought you all that you wished for. We know that January can be a hard month, if you need a little pick me up then check out our Winter sale, with up to 60% off now across OTHER/man, Stephan Schneider, Etudes and more...   http://bit.ly/1s4W5mC   Just in case you didn't quite get everything you wished for ;) Will 
Really digging the bomber jacket, the cut looks great and perfect sizing. Worth the wait? 
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