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Just a heads up - you may want to get this if you haven't already and you're a size large.   http://caliroots.com/our-legacy-1940-s-white-melange-fluff-flannel-2143240bdswmff/p/33006   Shipping to UK/ EU is relatively cheap and the euro is at an 11 year low.
Band of Outsiders is on sale at http://www.gilt.com   It's about half price for most oxford shirts. I had a Gilt 40% code on one item so I ended up getting one for about 70 USD haha
full summer sale at http://www.coggles.com/home.dept
Has anyone in the UK ever ordered from Forward by EW? Did you get hit by customs?
 If you ordered from the official webstore during the sample sale then that's pretty surprising! I've had my goods for a good week or two now. If I were you, I'd write them another e-mail; they were pretty swamped with orders/emails during the sale period but I suspect they may be more responsive now. In any case, you should probably look into your bank's chargeback policy... And maybe pursue that (supposing they don't reply)?
 Thanks for that! I'll probably order an M since I'm an S in Gitman and fit about a 16+" on my shoulders as well. It's a good thing that END does free returns!
Anyone able to access this Acne archive sale? http://acnearchive.com/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=u140515   Just went live according to their twitter but there's no access for the UK apparently
Hi all, I have a question about Sophnet sizing. I've been wanting to get the classic oxford for a while now but today I noticed that the measurements for shoulder-to-shoulder seems incredibly small. Well, at least according to http://www.endclothing.co.uk/brands/sophnet/sophnet-scorpion-oxford-button-down-shirt.html   If END is to be trusted, then the oxford has a minimum of 15" (Size S) and a maximum of 16.5" (Size XL) on the shoulders... which is extremely narrow and...
I got an order confirmation immediately and shipping details came about a week after. Should be arriving in London tomorrow... I think EU orders tend to arrive quicker, in any case.
Quote: It's a little roomier than normal sizing... I would say that for knits, it's a little more like Acne than A.P.C. For comparison, a size XL sweat (according to End Clothing) is a 24" on P2P and 23.5" on sleeves VS an APC sweat which is 22.5" and 20.5" for the same size. http://www.endclothing.co.uk/brands/han-kjobenhavn/han-h-crewneck.html It's a sample sale though... so sizing may not be that uniform?
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