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edited my post buddy :)
Hey guys, hope everyone's doing well. As always, input is appreciated. [[SPOILER]]
*bows deeply*
I logged in to thumb up Dlester's fit
The banter is flowing strongly these past 2 days.
im gonna post 25 times on sz just to post that. I'll time how long it takes their overbearing and really anal admin to delete it.
My official entry to the SW&D Challenge: IKEA is as follows. I chose the following colours because I think they perfectly represent my mood at the time. It's dark and sullen, but underneath all that is a pretty floral print. I have no idea what that means, so take it as you will. The necklace consists of two coffee mugs which represent the half-full, half-empty dilemma in many people's lives. There is also a big fuck-off garden lantern, lit. It is close to my heart, and...
I'm gonna end up getting banned for the shit I try to pass off as real clothing one of these days. Just for you,isabel benenato dolce & gabbana ann d  [[SPOILER]]
The write ups to your for sale threads are inspiration
Yeah they're the 10 hole ones with the straps removed. Will provide close ups for huge rag shortly.      Scuffedbluchers, you really need to transcend to a higher level of mental existence for this kind of inspiration. Or, basically, any of kgfan's fits. Otherwise, find designers you like and look at how their lookbooks/fashion shows style clothing. I'm not sure what your style is, but I like undercover's shows, rick owens (although his shows are sometimes ridiculous)...
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