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looks legit but they are not tts. size up one for tts. so if youre small you need a medium.
feji i was told by a dude at the london store that they actually stretch a decent amount. He wasnt a sales associate, he'd been working with rick for like 5+ years.
I cut the tags off my tee shirt because it was itchy and poked out the bottom. I reckon a lot of people do this. Looks pretty legit to me. Colour also fades and you see the season and 'rick owens' less and less on the tags.
For what it's worth, I prefer the visvim
gong itll be really long in the arms and possible body. i tried on a large (50) stooges at their store and it fit great around the body but really long in the arms. as size goes up, it seems arm lengths increases disproportionately. if you're built, the arms might be the biggest problem, as they're quite slim anyways. i really recommend trying on a current season stooges. I think the sizing it pretty much the same. The staff is incredibly helpful from my experience, and if...
krish depends where you go obviously. i cant think of any pubs thatll turn you down unless they're incredibly conservative. youll be fine in all of central london, which is where i live. if youre in pods and beat up sneaks, youll get dirty looks if you try to go into conservative high end restaurants and the like, but that's just like anywhere i guess. for the most part, london is a very liberal city and i both see and wear relatively ridiculous things all the...
jonas what are the trousers? looks great man
i do know what they're based off of. but that would be like saying chuck taylors are a good replacement for ann d sneakers. yeah the ann ds are based off them, but its not really the same thing.
I like the colourway melbrush put the pony skin is daring. like really daring. maybe get the suede ones, unless your wardrobe is sufficiently avant garde to support them
Thanks for all the advice! I think I would get swiftly disinherited if I relapsed into my teenage nike dunk-wearing phase. It was, in retrospect, atrocious.  I'd love to go for some second hand ramones, but even used they're expensive. Probably would take a long time of saving up. RO not for student budgets. I was thinking of beating up some off white adidas low tops.
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