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@BlackyChan21 Trousers are number (n)ine, boots are mcqueen mainline 
@skitlets sneakers and shirt deets please. if dif pieces then all of them. looks really cool. are those the song for the mute sneaks? cheers
Well I can't complete with kg but I try.
Okay so I appreciate all the advice and yeah I tried to make it all a bit more military/futuristic whatever, and I think it work thematically. I agree that a mihara knit would be sick but I haven't got one. I'll update the fit with a rick tee underneath and a looser jumper but nothing comes to mind. How bout just this: does it look good?
Hey guys, wanted to pop in. Hope this looks good, let me know. Trousers are the coolest thing I've ever worn, but the weird looks I get are something else. thanks a lot el bert for the trousers. really cool! [[SPOILER]]
Not always a fan Lorcan, but that shirt is awesome. Love that
just got my swingers. love the fit, but they're stiffer than i thought/would like. 98 cotton / 2 elastane or something like that. ive looked up online ways to soften cotton. ive narrowed it down to washing with salt, washing with vinegar, washing with fabric softener, and throwing a bunch of little stones into the washing machine.    any opinions? the salt, vinegar, and fabric softener would hurt, but im wondering if the little stones might damage the shiny zippers.
looks legit but they are not tts. size up one for tts. so if youre small you need a medium.
feji i was told by a dude at the london store that they actually stretch a decent amount. He wasnt a sales associate, he'd been working with rick for like 5+ years.
I cut the tags off my tee shirt because it was itchy and poked out the bottom. I reckon a lot of people do this. Looks pretty legit to me. Colour also fades and you see the season and 'rick owens' less and less on the tags.
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