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Hey guys, it's been way too long. Gonna post some fits in the next few days, decent amount of new stuff so I hope I can keep it rolling.         Dries Dries jeans Officine creative   Bomber is reversible from fw16, pics just cannot do it justice. Basically live in it nowadays Rucksack is vintage Swiss army from I think the 70s. Bit big for work, but excellent for groceries
yooo, been off his forum for way too long. Will try to get some more fits posted. In the meantime, can anyone help id this scarf or recommend something like it. This colour scheme is pretty important, thanks ahead of time.
Hey fellas, not sure where to ask this but this seems a decent enough place.  Just got a dark grey Soloist cocktail shirt and I need some recommendations for outerwear to wear it with. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Cheers!
Some pickups from the last few weeks: Vintage Swiss army backpack from I think the 70s. Courtesy of @The-Arm Dries Dries   [[SPOILER]]  Dries EG
Synth, any way to get close ups on those nn boots? And were'd you get them? I saw those in a lookbook but could never find them anywhere. Anyways, fit is fire. My computer literally burst into flames. Well, not literally, but hey, close enough.
Merry Christmas guys! Some insane fits recently. MoK is on fire and diniro is still killing it. Really like that hennree fit too. Anways, two from the last few days:Thanks Ghostface for the trousers!  [[SPOILER]]
get a large, because they're true to size, and they stretch a lot. even if it's slim at first, just wear it for a few hours and itll be almost perfect. that's the experience I had with my tee. That said, if your chest is more man-boobs rather than pecs maybe a super sheer drapey tee shirt or tank will not be very flattering. food for thought.
yup vitatimh is right, trousers are number (n)ine
Thanks buddy, nice fit, as usual. I've been lusting for those EG vans for ages. Pretty much gone though.
Hey guys, just popping in. Some amazing fits recently, really inspirational.    
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