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Sofiacashmere BR Hanes PBJ XX-005 Nordstrom
Uniqlo Nautica Steven Alan PBJ XX-005 Schmoove
Anybody going should take some photos, get back to us with some of those upon your return please
When you do a hot soak next, sit there and keep changing out the water so it's constantly really hot...if you're stilling having trouble, through them in the dryer, as onion said
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Both of those look like shit. Roll to the upper forearms, just below the elbows. If I have to pick one of those pics at gunpoint, I'd rather the first than the second. The second looks like someone described short sleeves to a blind man who owned nothing but long-sleeved shirts. Correct on all accounts, the latter is too high and the former just looks sloppy...
Public Service Announcement: Kodiak coaching sermon is now in session.
The tee is AA, yes? I think you've done enough internetz regime following, about time you switched things up a little...also, not really feeling the black Cons, never have though
Well, onion, there are a handful of names for those kinds of jeans, including a few of my favorites: nutcrunch jeans, sackrip jeans, and the classic slim.......chanceofspawning jeans
The rucksack is a bag and a hald, someone'll be making a good purchase
From a business standpoint, I think a discount still makes more sales than free shipping; people go to another store and see you offer the same at a discounted price, most people haven't thought about shipping of luck to you though, Mauro
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