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A few modest contributions...   Vintage Swatch "X-Rated." It's as old as I am and I think it looks good but I don't wear it very often.   Can't go wrong with the Timex Easy Reader.   My current favourite, the Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick GS. Not exactly appropriate for scuba diving but it would be fine if I dropped it in the sink.
501's are my top choice for cheap jeans. That said, the best pair I've ever owned are Levi's Vintage 505's. Raw selvage and not cheap at all.
Has anyone ever tried 49th Parallel? They're my favourite beans in Canada at least and you can buy online. http://www.49thparallelroasters.com/pages/shop
Just got a 3A in size 38 off eBay. I love the fit and I'm amazed at the thick yarn and dense knit. It basically feels like a coat. I wasn't sure what colour to go for but I dig the oatmeal. I've heard that lighter browns don't suit gingers like me but I think it looks fine. It is a bit itchy against the skin but I favour long sleeves anyway.
I am pretty into these: http://www.superga.co.uk/item/Item_Superga2750CotuClassic_2699_0_23_1.html
Duck confit.
Are there rules for wearing long sleeve wool polos over shirts? I've seen people doing it but I can't decide if the multiple collars look weird or not. I have a charcoal grey wool long sleeve polo and it looks pretty good on its own but I'm curious.
Breakfast for dinner. Sweet potato hash, eggs, bacon, broccolini, sauerkraut.
Mine were actually uncomfortable at first until I broke them in. They're fine now, however. The heel is a bit loose but that's just the nature of the beast. Chukka boots without crepe soles have tighter heels so that might be a better option.
Thanks. Damn, hard to find 38's.
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