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Much appreciated. I'm not sure how I missed that.
I've been trying to find this jacket forever, can anyone ID it? All I have is a picture. edit:: The logo is some kind of laurel with a y or t inside, I think.
I think it's the stan smith slick. Epaulet, here's a link in white. And black. A little expensive for sneakers, but not as much as some people shell out on this board.
Bobo, if you're still reading this, who makes those boat shoes? They're pretty nice.
I'm interested in the Hermes, Barker Black, and Paul Smith ties as well. Maybe Marc Jacobs shorts.
I'm pretty new to this. I'm looking to purchase a pair of straight jeans, with black Kicking Mule Workshop 1980s, some straight rag & bone indigo, or nudie regular ralf dry selvage indigo. Straight svens look okay too. Are there any preferences on this board for any of those? How long does it take to wear jeans in? Also, when washing to maintain shape, is this a problem when working with dry indigo? Should I just get it dry-cleaned? Thanks much, sorry for all...
I'll move this to the other thread. Thanks much.
I'm close to starting college, and I'd like to get nice jeans for once. So far, I've stuck with thrift stores or over the counter levi's for $5. It's been okay. I don't really know much, but I'm aiming for either black or indigo. Preferably not skinny jeans, just as a matter of comfort -I prefer straight, with no tapering. Slim besides that is fine. I realize this kind of thread probably happens a lot. My apologies Upwards of $300 max, I'm not rich, even...
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