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 Point 2 is a good question, and one I'd like to know the answer to.  I haven't polished by 1K black boots yet, but what will the black polish darken the light threads on the upper?
So, is there a definitive source/link/thread for the most commonly accepted form of care & maintenance for 1K boots (black, specifically)?  I'm talking about methods, care, schedule, products, etc.  I've read through much of this thread and find varrying opinions (treat a new sole right out of the box, a la Wolverine's You Tube video, which seems controversial itself.  I've got Obenauf's LP, but that's all.  Not sure about Montana pitch blend, Obenauf's oil, mink oil,...
Thanks, and you're right.  I've got the wrong size. I've returned the 9's to Amazon and have ordered the 9.5 from Cranes!  Thanks for the magic word!
Hi everyone.   After a lot of research, I finally got my first pair of black 1Ks today in the mail.  I love them, but... I'm concerned about the fit.  Lengthwise they're fine (I wear a 10 and ordered a 9), but the D width seems narrow for me.  I've read in many places in this thread that they are comfy right out of the box, but that's not true in my case.   Can I expect some stretch or break in that will relax the width?    Or will it not ever really stretch?  I want...
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