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This is what Romney stands for: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/21/opinion/krugman-disdain-for-workers.html
He is also the type of guy that lies about his height and his penis size. Are you sure you want such a person to be your next vice-president?
Oh shit. This is gold.
I have never voted for a pissant and never will, what a sorry ass this guy is. He should quit politics, he is no Reagan.
The hate speech against Muhammed has got to stop. You just can't make a hate video of the profit and expect to get away with it. Even I understand that and I am not a Type M. If you made a hate video against Type J's in Germany you would be thrown in prison, so the same should be done to the Foolish American who incited this hate against the profit.
Hey monte is this you?
There is a lot to be said about those Greeks. They have difference priorities in life. I am not talking about tax evasion.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homosexuality_in_ancient_Greece
Have you been in bed with globetrotter and during pillow talk he has been feeding you all this secret intelligence of what's happening on the ground in Libya? It sounds like you have all the 'facts" and no clue, like one of those conspiracy theorists. Or one of those idiots who reads the business section and then think they are Warren Buffet, all ready to give investment advice that just made it to the papers but is already several days old in the real world. Has the...
Monte got owned, yet again, why the hell am I not surprised? It is time to take your Obama-hating elsewhere. Such a pathetic little whiner who is always grasping at straws to make Obama look bad. Why don't you just go and vote for Romney so he can raise your taxes you wanna-be-aristocrat-but-in-reality-is-just-a-pleb, you know where you stand! Don't try to be something you are not, you got that? Self-hating little guy.
New Posts  All Forums: