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It is kinda like how Americans want terrorists dead in countries like Pakistan but those terrorists end up being innocent civilians. Only this time the civilians didn't even make a movie. Makes sense?
As if the American government doesn't offer bounties on people in Pakistan. You need to open your mind a little. America is no angel either.
Only $100,000? That is a hell of a lot of work for a mere $100k, you have to track him down across the world and kill him, and what if you get caught, that tiny amount isn't worth the prison time. They need to at least make it a cool million. That would be a more reasonable offer. How much was the bounty on George Zimmerman?
Here is a picture of my computer. I am sure it will show up eventually on my blog however you lucky styleforum members can have the first peek.
http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/22/world/africa/pro-american-libyans-besiege-militant-group-in-benghazi.html I bet the StyleForum unholy threesome globetrotter-miester-montecristo#4 nasty mcnasties would still want to nuke these friends of ours. That is wrong. Libyans who are friends of American we stand alongside with you.
This is what Romney stands for: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/21/opinion/krugman-disdain-for-workers.html
He is also the type of guy that lies about his height and his penis size. Are you sure you want such a person to be your next vice-president?
Oh shit. This is gold.
I have never voted for a pissant and never will, what a sorry ass this guy is. He should quit politics, he is no Reagan.
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