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is it possible to make the waist of the shoe even tighter? for those people who don't have flat feet thtat would be a great benefit right? if i recall correctly george cleverly does shoes with a tight waist. it looks more elegant and refined and chiseled. ps the shoes look great, is he from ontario canada? if so why didn't you just write the city? nobody in ontario says they are from ontario, they just say they are from toronto or some other city etc.
the heels look high. what is the measurement? seems to throw the proportions of the heel/back of shoe off. would look better if the heel lost .25 inch also not a fan of the square toe, it is ok to be different but only if it looks great. and yours looks a bit aldo i have to say. but id ont blme the makr since this is beapoke, this time it is onthe cleint.
i always thought it was a bit strange why he has dat creepy ass smile when he takes a photo, like if you are going to take a professsional photo why the hell do you ahve to smile like a total creep.
i like your skillzhe got u good, but u insulted yourself too, why?
wat is the background story behind burbury and how does it relate to china?
didn't you just buy this bag very recently?
robot. unicorn. attack. what will the human mind think of next?
boots in the spring/summer are a no no, get bucks
still looks like a cheapo bag, 99$ well wasted. it is worth it to pay 10x the price for a decent bag. you might be proud that you spent $99 for a cheap bag, however people with good taste wouldn't even carry that bag if it was given to them for free.
does anyone have any pictures of aquacrotch clothing? it doesn't matter what the brand is, if the clothes do not look good it deserves to go out of business. moving to china would be a temporary delay for the inevitable, cause if no one is buying cause the clothes are ugly then it doesn't matter if you cut costs for now, eventually outgoing money would exceed incoming money and then the company will meet its death.
New Posts  All Forums: