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this is a deeply disturbing picture. somewhere out there, there are people who walk like this, with thier heels only touching the ground, they walk with a distinctive tock-tock-tock sound everytime the feet hit pavement. there is a difference between them and us, quite subtle, but who looks at people's feet anyways? but beware, these people are actually secretly gay zombie communists who will grope you and suck your blood out if they ever get the chance to get you alone.
that reminds me of filson bags, not recommended unless you are going hunting.
and thats how, with a few minor adjustments, you can turn a regular gun into five guns. how to use a gun as a can opener
never had issues buying shoes online from leathersoul, dunno what you guys are doing wrong, dont order shoes posted on the blog in 2009 cause they will like be outofstock
how come there is a cut out section on the sole? it doesn't look good in my eyes, do some people really prefer the cutout sole?
seems like a waste of such nice leather to go reverse
nice pics, never seen in it such detail before. so it is pretty much uneven suede, for the uneven texture, right (creasing etc aside)? cause compare to my pair of suede shoes that is what is what i see, cause typical suede is pretty even in texture.
pardon my ignorance, but what is the appeal of reverse leather? i owuld prefer the leather side to the suede side, but i want to hear your opinions
some good stuff here
what about aluminum? stronger than wood and doesn't rust
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