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Here lies your problem, Bush did start a war that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people in revenge all because Saddam tried to kill his daddy. The war was no way justified because there were no weapons of mass destruction and Bush knew that and went ahead with the war anyways. The pictures of hanging Bush is correct, he should be tried in court and sentenced to death for war crimes. This is a fact. If he could die 2 times then he also would be sentenced to death...
No I am not a convicted felon. Harvey must be having a brain lapse. However if I were to commit a crime in the future I would know who to turn to for a lawyer. Harvey boy here spends his days helping criminals beat the system in return for some cash and weed. If I were to receive his services, with his experience and lack of conscience I would be in good hands.
The real republicans: http://www.khou.com/news/texas-news/San-Antonio-man-takes-stance-against-Obama-hangs-chair-from-tree-170836861.html I bet that fool is a George Zimmerman sympathizer too. When will we ever get out of the age of racism and move towards a new era of enlightenment?
I am glad you don't have anything to disagree with what I said so far. I try my best to see the world through the eyes of others and to be fair. As for your question, you said the government publicly put a price on the film makers head. But does this one man represent all of the Pakistani government? No. Also, the article states he will pay the bounty out of his own pocket, not from the government's money. So does that answer your question?
The issue with your thinking is this, Pakistan is not one monolithic country, there is a large population, many who are against the US, however there are many who are on our side. That is where the money aid is going to. Without that money, the terrorists (who have their own money source) will subvert the Pakistani government. A large portion of the population is poor, the money collected from taxes to run the country is spread quite thin, they cannot divert the necessary...
It is kinda like how Americans want terrorists dead in countries like Pakistan but those terrorists end up being innocent civilians. Only this time the civilians didn't even make a movie. Makes sense?
As if the American government doesn't offer bounties on people in Pakistan. You need to open your mind a little. America is no angel either.
Only $100,000? That is a hell of a lot of work for a mere $100k, you have to track him down across the world and kill him, and what if you get caught, that tiny amount isn't worth the prison time. They need to at least make it a cool million. That would be a more reasonable offer. How much was the bounty on George Zimmerman?
Here is a picture of my computer. I am sure it will show up eventually on my blog however you lucky styleforum members can have the first peek.
http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/22/world/africa/pro-american-libyans-besiege-militant-group-in-benghazi.html I bet the StyleForum unholy threesome globetrotter-miester-montecristo#4 nasty mcnasties would still want to nuke these friends of ours. That is wrong. Libyans who are friends of American we stand alongside with you.
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