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Is LibreOffice Calc as good as excel? What are your thoughts on Calc?
not really, i make reasonable arguements and my posts are far from useless, and they are far from incendiary. there is deep wisdom is my words since it is my point of view of the world. there are just too many haters in the CE clique.
i normally wear the lj and the boots together, i don't mind, they go well together. it was just that day i had to carry a bag as well.
so the other day i was wearing a leather jacket, leather boots, and carrying a leather bag cause i had to run errands, and a friend said to me i was all "leathered up". i kinda disliked the comment, lets change, so the bag has to stay, same with the jacket. what other footwear can i wear with this outfit? i could switch to suede leather shoes, or try sneakers. but i dislike wearing sneakers, so ghetto, and i am not sure if my suede derbies would go too well with a leather...
this is badass
a qestion for you all. if i don't live next to a dangerous neighborhood (for protection) and i don't go hunting animals (feel the need to kill things smaller than i am), is there any reason for me to get a gun?
so the other 25% look good? how should it be done?
didn't you say they were open a year?
for a young company they seem to be more interested in buying fancy furniture and glass offices, instead of using that money for growing the company. hope they don't implode like gilt did.
How do you survive in the winter, and still retain a modicum of style? I live in canada, it is cold but not too cold, here is my input What are your recommendations and insights regarding: -- Coats (overcoats, parkas, pea coats, etc.) i wear a sterlingwear peacoat now, superwarm in the winter, gets lots of compliments, looks real nice and fitted -- Hats i wear a toque on super cold days, just cause i have to -- Boots (waterproof boots, snow proof boots, warm boots,...
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