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Are there any stores/online stores where I can buy 2"-3"+ wide hangers for a reasonable price? I prefer wood if possible. I checked eBay (shipping is outrageous to Canada), Walmart, and called a local men's clothing store, nothing there. Any suggestions? I would use the floor of my closet and it is probably best for the leather jackets anyways, however I really prefer a neater solution nowadays.
have any of you guys ever been in a situation where you had to use a gun on an attacker? i would like to read about that if any of you would like to take the time and write about it.
Here is a picture of my computer. I am sure it will show up eventually on my blog however you lucky styleforum members can have the first peek.
makes me glad i "only" work 40 hours a week. i worked 60 hours a week one time when i was a teen, one guy didn't show up for his shifts and i enthusiastically volunteered to cover for him since there was overtime pay involved. oh god that was hell. it was the week from hell. 40 hours is just about right. i would like it to be 30 hours a week but it is too bad the culture here in this country is 40 and that 40 hours money is bidding up the price of everything, so i have to...
I really wish people would use LibreOffice more, seems 90% of the people out there don't need the hardcore features that Office has, they could just save their money and go with the free LibreOffice. I have been using for the past year and it is really decent and I know it would suit lots of people if they are just willing to give it a chance. (Just remember to change the default save file format to the dominant Microsoft version, for example .odt -> .doc, in the...
Is LibreOffice Calc as good as excel? What are your thoughts on Calc?
not really, i make reasonable arguements and my posts are far from useless, and they are far from incendiary. there is deep wisdom is my words since it is my point of view of the world. there are just too many haters in the CE clique.
i normally wear the lj and the boots together, i don't mind, they go well together. it was just that day i had to carry a bag as well.
so the other day i was wearing a leather jacket, leather boots, and carrying a leather bag cause i had to run errands, and a friend said to me i was all "leathered up". i kinda disliked the comment, lets change, so the bag has to stay, same with the jacket. what other footwear can i wear with this outfit? i could switch to suede leather shoes, or try sneakers. but i dislike wearing sneakers, so ghetto, and i am not sure if my suede derbies would go too well with a leather...
this is badass
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