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I like the brooks brothers wallet better, the one shown up a couple of posts, i assume you are posting these cause you are inspired by it, the 2 tone colors makes the wallet look for refined and classy. the chester mox one tone wallet looks like a craft project to the concerning eye. an almost-could-have-been wallet.
what are the shoulder widths of the wide suit hangers? it doesn't say on their website ???
Looks like any other elcheapo wallet after getting beat up in the back of you pants. How much money did you waste on this wallet?
Then you should get out more.
My leather jackets all have a smooth grain. It would be best if I purchased a new hide and resewed the jacket.However if you have a method for fixing smooth leather I am all ears. God Bless Him Obama The President Of These United States.
Damn that is ghetto!
Looking for solutions for this too.
at $25 per hanger i feel the hurt, are there any other options? they don't need to be fancy, however they must be wood,
I notice the official StyleForum blog has not been updated since May 24th. How come? Fok, if you are looking for material you are welcome to use some content from my own blog (in my sig). Let me know if you are interested. I am always looking for ways to help out StyleForum.
does the free shipping offer apply to purchases to canada? i am interested in buying 2 sets of hangers and i see shipping is $25 to my place. would be nice if the shipping offer applied to us canadians since we always seem to get shafted by shipping when buying from the US. edit, nvm, just scrolled up and saw the cyber monday sale is over. was really considering trying these wide hangers. another edit, seems there is a "StyleForum" code for 10% off. To be thorough, is...
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