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whatever happened to the feature where when you make a new thread and type in the title the forum automatically does a search for related threads and shows them to you? i liked that feature and really miss it, it was very useful.
In case anyone doesn't know yet, Paypal is having a cashback promo, get 5% cashback (max $20) on your second purchase when you pay with paypal, so buy a $1 item on ebay and then save $20 on your next TOJ! Make sure to have TOJ send you an invoice to your email and pay from there to be 100% certain the cashback will go through.
I like the brooks brothers wallet better, the one shown up a couple of posts, i assume you are posting these cause you are inspired by it, the 2 tone colors makes the wallet look for refined and classy. the chester mox one tone wallet looks like a craft project to the concerning eye. an almost-could-have-been wallet.
what are the shoulder widths of the wide suit hangers? it doesn't say on their website ???
Looks like any other elcheapo wallet after getting beat up in the back of you pants. How much money did you waste on this wallet?
Then you should get out more.
My leather jackets all have a smooth grain. It would be best if I purchased a new hide and resewed the jacket.However if you have a method for fixing smooth leather I am all ears. God Bless Him Obama The President Of These United States.
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