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God Bless Obama
what is the world coming to, you handwash your $10 socks??? that is some sad shit. just throw them in the washing machine and be done with it.
You know it to be true my friend. You cannot deny destiny.Anything America has done, Norway has done it better.
Interested in a Quilt DR, about size 46'ish with added lengths. PM me if you have one. (As long as this post is up, it means I'm still looking for a jacket)
pebblegrain is still my favourite poster.
If it fits you spot on then how come you are selling?
How come? I know it is worth it because Norway has a high standard of living and is the country America aspires to be, so paying a bit more for your AE's isn't a bad thing from this perspective.
Searching for toplift or top lift on ebay doesn't produce the results. What do people do when that part of the shoe is worn, do they replace that part of the rubber or do they replace the whole heel with a rubber heel? It wears out rather quickly. How about getting a flush metal plate attached? What is the flush metal plate called? I like the idea but I don't want to sound like a tap dancer, I have heard it does make a loud noise, can anyone with experience share what...
I am planning to replace this rubber part of the heel, looking for the name of what to purchase so I can save some money by Doing-It-Myself. (There might even be an Iroh's Guides on it if you are in luck). Thanks SF.
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