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how come you have to apply shoe polish to shoes to keep them from drying out and cracking, but you don't have to do that with suede shoes? then what prevents them from cracking?
That is what those Manatobians get for living in the boonies. They are inferior to Torontoians, therefore they do not receive best healthcare Toronto and Canada has to offer, state-of-the art modern hospitals with the brightest doctors in the country. All free cause it is paid for by taxes.In Manitoba the idea of a good hospital is a shack in the middle of the arctic tundra. What a disgrace.Toronto is where the real Canada is at.
any recommendations or highlights on what to pick up?
The legendary foo. What is the story behind him? How did he get his own icon and what does that icon mean?
meister died.
You asked for it: [[SPOILER]]
mordecai you should definitely become a Canadian citizen, we will be Canadian bros, how awesome would that be? plus we Canadians get free Obamacare.
yeah, i want to read a review of the sneakers, the sneakers are much better than paying 200 dollars for a pair of rip off common projects sneakers.any chance of getting a better shipping rate to canada? it is something like 40-50 dollars to ship to canada...
3 piece suits are for people with inferior bodies, those who have to layer lots of clothes to look good. If you can look in a 2 piece suit you will be in much better shape since you have a better body. Better to have a nice body than nice clothes. Even better to have both.
Wow, so much drama over a tiny question about the pointy-pointiness of a pair of shoes. You really ruined it meister. [[SPOILER]]
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