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meister died.
You asked for it: [[SPOILER]]
mordecai you should definitely become a Canadian citizen, we will be Canadian bros, how awesome would that be? plus we Canadians get free Obamacare.
yeah, i want to read a review of the sneakers, the sneakers are much better than paying 200 dollars for a pair of rip off common projects sneakers.any chance of getting a better shipping rate to canada? it is something like 40-50 dollars to ship to canada...
3 piece suits are for people with inferior bodies, those who have to layer lots of clothes to look good. If you can look in a 2 piece suit you will be in much better shape since you have a better body. Better to have a nice body than nice clothes. Even better to have both.
Wow, so much drama over a tiny question about the pointy-pointiness of a pair of shoes. You really ruined it meister. [[SPOILER]]
Looks like I will never be buying rip-off Common Projects sneakers again. [[SPOILER]]
Is there going to be anything from the SWD vendors?
one time this girl i was dancing with said my shoes were pointy. i didn't like that. how do you feel about your shoes?
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