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If Drew is reading this, I want to say I respect you, because of 2 reasons: 1) You designed some pretty nice leather jackets. I know that Falcon Garments became pretty arrogant about it after they stole your designs and I PM’ed them how much their own stupid changes to your masterpieces were so bad, they said to go and buy some other brand’s jackets instead. This is like Apple vs Samsung. Those fucking Samsungs could never be as good as Apple no matter how hard they copy....
Easily the best thread on StyleForum. I read through some of it, it is hilarious how many people got scammed. I especially liked how one buyer got tricked, he sent his payment to straight to another buyer. LOL. I hope Drew has been reading this thread and having a good laugh.
Nomad in Toronto has the Filson tote bag (in the Ugly Brown color) for 50% off (reg price $135 Canadian). And the heritage sportsman bag for 60% off (reg price $355 cad). These are already excellent prices before discount (due to the weak cad dollar) and the sale prices makes it even better. So run there and buy buy buy. This is in-stores only. Or call them and ask if they can ship.
I was thinking about coming back to CE. US news and politics is starting to pick up, I feel I could contribute a unique Canadian perspective on the issues. How about letting me back in CE to fill the void? (For those reading this, thumbs up if you agree with me).
This is what I got in my inbox:
After reading the article, the only justice would be having CEO Doug Williams be shot and killed with a bullet behind the head in broad daylight on the streets of Manhattan.
looks very unsexy. if that is the look you are going for, then the 3 piece suit is what you need!(he is too skinny to wear a 3 peice suit well).
Funny. I was looking for a serious answer. What are you suppose to do to maintain suede shoes? I got shoes trees, and what else needs to be done?
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