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 Great, thanks! If it changes anything, my order number is 13694...
I put in my order for two shirts on August 9th, and it still says my status is unfulfilled. I've emailed Luxire twice with no response. Is this normal? I'm very patient, but seeing as I dropped 230 bucks I'd at least like a little "hey, we're alive, we're doing stuff with your shirts." Thanks.
Does Meermin update us throughout the process of making the GMTOs? I got in on those antique oak or chestnut or whatever chukkas with the half commando sole a few weeks ago, just curious to see how this whole thing works out. first GMTO for me.
I put in my first Luxire order bit over two weeks ago and haven't heard anything so far. Is this normal? I'm not impatient at all, I'm in grad school, this isn't an urgent order, I'm just curious as to how long it will take. I ordered two shirts, since I used PC to get a few great fitting shirts before moving over to Luxire. I requested several custom features to both shirts, but I'm still curious as to how long it will take to receive them. I also emailed them a few days...
how long can I expect for an order to ship? I just put in an order for two shirts sunday night. Is it generally less than 2 weeks or what?
Piece of cake, thank you much sir.
So re: getting the dark indigo denim chambray washed to a lighter wash, do I just go to additional service, add 20, and indicate that it's for the denim being washed? Cause I'm about to pull the trigger on that.
 Right, totally forgot to check the price haha. Good to know though, thank you!
 True, but these are MTOs, not LM. However I assume the quality is upped at least slightly due to the fact that it's relatively small batches being made. Personally, I prefer the Meermins over the Carminas, but I'm also not huge on grain calf for no good reason, unless it's paired with suede, so consider that. I just think it keeps a general clean appearance, but the norvegese stitching pops nicely. I think it's a pair you could beat up, but throw a shine on it and wear it...
While I own neither, the consensus around here seems to be that Carmina is the superior selection. That being said, naturcalf v. grain calf definitely have different vibes, and I feel like deep down, you know which one will work better in your current wardrobe, or the wardrobe you're trying to create.
New Posts  All Forums: