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Anyone with the Lug sole know how noticeable it is? I'm torn between the oak chukka MTO and the dark brown chukka. I need a leather boot with a rubber sole for the winter/fall/i guess early spring? I'm a big fan of sleekness, and the rubber sole on the dark brown chukkas looks pretty unobtrusive. I don't want to look tactical with commando boots on, but I think I prefer the oak leather over the dark brown. It seems more versatile, which is what I'm going for...
No problemo. Yeah, I feel like shampoo would be easier on everything, but if the soap doesn't work, a diluted mixture of alcohol would probably loosen up whatever crusties have built up on it.
 Totally just guessing here, I have no experience with this, but seeing as the elastic is fabric, I'd just lather up some soap, maybe suede shampoo just to be safe if it gets on the shoe, and just work it out with your hands? It works in my head.
I always do cold soaks/washes with all of my clothes. For sustainability purposes, as well as shrinkage, but denim never goes in the dryer, although I do use the dryer for normal clothes, cause I'm a hypocrite.   But that pair I got hemmed immediately were a 31.5 inseam and stayed totally fine, so I think if I shot for like 32 I would be fine. I tend to wear it with a break, but in the warmer months I for sure roll up past the ankles. They're currently triple rolled, and...
Dumb question, remind me again why I need to wash/soak my pants before getting them hemmed? It's all just for shrinkages sake right? So if I sent them off to get hemmed and just added an inch in the hem for that it would be fine? or maybe just half an inch?   I'm sending off Grey Silks, Japan BlackXBlacks, 23s, and Natural 2s, if that's any indication that some of them may shrink more or less than others. None of them are anywhere near needing a wash. I bought a pair of...
Alright, weird story, had a dream last night where I found a shirt with a super spread collar a la soft roma, but with probably 2-2.5 inch collar points and maybe a 5-5.5 inch spread, and enough lining to stay standing with the top 2 buttons undone, and it was glorious, but I'm not sure if that would translate well to reality, since I hesitate to jump the gun on a shirt I dreamed about. Those of you who have experimented with collars before, does this sound reasonable?
 bumping this because it's something I'm interested in. Also, where is that collar doc? I'm about to put in an order for test pants and an oxford to test fit and detailing, so I'd like to have the full set of resources at my disposal as I spec them out. Also, anyone have real life photos of the difference between the light olives and the graphite greens for the test pants? thanks!
Could Luxire take any of their fabrics and make a scarf from it? I'm not a huge fan of the fabrics they have offered for scarves, but I think like an oxford scarf would be SWEET. I also am not a huge fan of tassels on scarves, so I feel like taking a big ol piece of oxford cloth, and sewing all the sides in to finish it would make for an excellent scarf.   also, as mockingboy was asking, what's up with the google doc? cause I want to order my first luxire shirt soon.
Potentially dumb question, looking to get some linen pants soon, what's the closure? Thanks in advance!
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