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Anyone have experience with Ron loafers? I'm generally a 10.5EE, but I suspect I may be a 10EE. I own three pairs of meermin on the hiro last in 10uk, and they all fit completely fine once broken in width wise, but I suspect may have perhaps half a size too much length to them. So this questionable length has me curious about a loafer, which I wouldn't have the opportunity to tie any tighter. So, if anyone has experience with wide feet and the hiro and Ron last on...
You make me feel so much more sane for wanting all of the navy options that Meermin has. I too have the navy chukkas and they are probably the favorite among my small collection. either way, solid group you have up there.
 Those socks are amazing. I worship anonymousism. When did you get them and can I still get a pair? And to stay relevant, the wingtips are nice too.
hear ye hear ye, I'm still waiting for this one as well.
I too am interested in the answer to this question. In particular to me, I'm a 10.5EE in general, with a mediumly high instep. I have 2 chukkas and a LM double monk boot on hiro in 10UK, which fit well enough for me to continue to buy them.that being said, no closure system on loafers means they may not be tight enough on my foot if I stay at 10UK, but could be too tight in the toes if I go down to 9.5UK.So after that long and rambling thought, how does the Ron last fit?
 I never said the rest of their jackets sucked, they've made plenty of nice jackets, it just so happens that I found my two favorites by them in the same day.
Dear goodness, that horween jacket is hands down the best jacket gustin has ever made.   That being said, I came here to say that the two tone jawn is the nicest jacket they've made yet, then I saw the horween one...   ANYWAY,   @joshgustin you should bring back the wine and white oxford 2 pack, since you were just mentioning that a few pages back, and also bring back this beautiful little thing that I missed out on.   https://www.weargustin.com/store/1520   I...
Weird question,   luxire or possibly someone else could answer:   how much would it cost to make a totally unstructured blazer/sport coat out of a jersey fabric? aka super casual jawn. I don't get down with cardigans, so I need something...   would it cost the normal amount for the fabric, or would it cost like mega bonus for making it into said blazer?   thanks!
Not that it needs to be reiterated, but Gustin really needs to come out with a slim straight fit. Now that you're talking about constantly getting pants tailored...   My friend tapered his pair of straight heavy americans in 34 straight from an 18" cuff to a 16", which was too tight for him so he gave them to me, and I find the fit far better than my slims, and literally all I do is wear slims. And now I just wear that pair every day. The higher rise is fantastic, and I...
Were they unsanforized?! is that why? Mine shrank a LOT. I lost close to 3 inches in the inseam (which is fine cause I have stubby legs) and about an inch in the waist. They're arguably more difficult to wear then my 23s were when they were brand new. The sanforization issue would definitely explain things... Anyone else have luck stretching these bad boys out? If not, I've got a pair of 35 slims that fit like a 33 or 34 with a 31.5 inseam if someone is interested...
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