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I dig the blazers, but flapless patch pockets would have been perfect.   I also prefer single vent blazers because I think double vents are like butt flaps, but that's totally just me. Either way, I think it's much better than the city coat.
Does that mean that Cranberry Tattersall is finally on it's way to me? I'm AMPED.
Eww, I'm sorry I brought it up. To counter that, id throw out a suggestion for some sleeker lasted boots. I would for sure have bought those chelseas, and the normal boots as well if they had been closer to something like the EG202, rather than a low volume Red Wing last. I'm probably in the minority on that one though, Workwear just doesn't do anything for me.
I only have two, but I've had them for almost 2 years actually, and they've been holding up quite well. no fraying, no loose stitching, nothing. They're in great shape, and I wore them a LOT, because they were far away my best fitting/quality shirts. I would wear them, toss them in the laundry, do laundry maybe two or three times a month, and immediately wear them and toss them back in the laundry. the two shirts were a herringbone flannel and a navy donegal flannel, for...
Yeah I'm right there with you, it's pretty wretched. what's next, cowboy boots?
Came up on these EG For Paul Stuart's a few weeks ago at a price that I still giggle quietly to myself about because it was so good. I'm usually a 10.5E, but these are 10.5D on the 202 last and they fit amazingly, although still just a smidge tight in the toe. I'm Suspicious the previous owner had them stretched out. On that note, is there a 202 wide last? Or an equivalent? Anyway, now I'm ruined and can't buy meermin or Carlos santos anymore (which used to be my go to...
I mean I just ordered it up in the gable without pleats if that helps? Or does that just make me look totally insane?
What are the chances of making alternate gables/taylors that don't have pleats a standard stock option? I've got a weird torso, so stuff with a 12-13" rise looks better on me, but I'm just not huge on pleats... having to MTO everything is kind of a pain in the ass.
Those of you that are me and currently don't own any epaulet pants, but have a long torso and need higher rise pants to look normal, and really like the look of the gables/taylors (cause I'm terrified of getting pants without belt loops,) what would you recommend with sizing?   I know this was JUST covered, sort of, with people that actually own epaulet pants, but I'm coming in here blank, ready for this EFF. my best fitting pair of jeans is a Gustin straight 34 that's...
Pics of those Jodphurs on foot? I would really love some Jodphurs but I'm scared those might be too tall... I don't know, all I own is chukkas double monks and the CS wholecut loafers skoak was selling a few months ago.
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