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Yeah, it's about a week or so for me, I'm in NJ/MD, so you can probably make a safe guess at any time between a week or two depending on if you're in like NY or China. I just ordered a swatch of the Navy Teton, the Navy Japan Donegal, and the tan cotton linen, eagerly anticipate their arrivals. Anyone have any of those fabrics in their full glory?
 Hey treeself, I did start emailing meermin, and they told me to just go up half a size, but I was hoping to find someone who had particular experience with AE, or just someone with an EE width who had ordered from meermin before. Also, where did you measure your feet from? did you kinda eyeball it from end to end in an orthogonal manner, or just like longest point to longest point? Also also, those double monks look wonderful! I'll definitely be picking a pair up once I...
Hey, so I haven't ordered a pair of meermin yet, but I'd really like to. I'm a little nervous with the real lack of width information.   I have a pair of AE graysons in 10.5e, which fit a little tight, but are totally doable. 10.5ee would be ideal, I've tried on 3e and there's just a smidge too much room, although that isn't a real problem. I don't have much experience regarding different lasts, but the graysons are a 97 last if that helps anyone.   Aaaanyway, onto the...
Anyone have comparison pics of the soft ivy button down and the regular button down being actually worn? preferably with the top two buttons undone?   Also, side request, anyone have pictures of the band collar shirts? I'm thinkin about getting one of those as well...   Also also, anyone get the grey cobble stitch or the navy and red strip sweaters?   thanks in advance!
Cool, just signed up for that. I know Meermin makes a laced loafer, but the stitching on the toecap has that pronounced edge, and I prefer the smooth toecap of the Graysons, and I don't want to have to pay any customs or anything. I like those Daltons, but I'm looking for a boot that I could wear every day, something more along the lines of Aldens Plaza cap toes, something sleek and slim, but not like pointy. I'll definitely pick up a pair of those Amoks though. My intro...
Oooh, I actually missed that. I just started checking AE stuff out a few days ago, I'd had my eye on some Alden boots, but AE is more in my price range, and I'm liking their designs a lot. I'm going to get measured this week and start going wild on the Shoe Bank. Also, if anyone knows of a pretty much identical shoe to the Grayson that has laces instead of tassels, I would love to know about them.
Alright, excellent, thank you. I'd kinda been scoping the Graysons, and the Hanover, and Possibly the Mora 2.0, if that's any help as to what problems may be found.
How has everyone's experiences with the AE Shoe Bank been? Do they tend to have issues that stick out, or are they really really minimal problems that only I will see if I'm looking for them? I could probably end up buying way too much stuff from there.
Haha don't worry man, you'll get it soon. I've been freaking out since May 1st waiting for my Zimbs, which are my first pair, and I finally got the shipping notification yesterday. I cannot wait.
I'm with you on this. I've read some things about problems and mishaps and whatnot, and they always seem to go way out of their way to make things as right as possible, which is great. Zimbabwe's shipped for me, so I'm eagerly anticipating getting them soon and seeing what the fuss is all about as well.
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