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What kind of other selvedge chinos does Luxire have? also, selvedge shirting fabrics? I've been looking casually and haven't found much besides denim, which I don't need any more of. Feel free to scold me if it's easily accessible and I just didn't look hard enough haha. I searched selvedge on their site though and not much turned up...   Thanks!
So I got those Antique Oak Chukkas with the kinda commando sole that was a GMTO like 2 or 3 months back. They came in the mail a few weeks ago, and I've been slowly breaking them in, because these bastards are stiff.   That being said, my left pair is really digging into my outer ankle, which hasn't happened in my other pair of chukkas from Meermin, or my GMTO double monk chukkas from meermin (which I found on Ebay).   Does this happen to anyone else? Is there a way to...
Maybe I'm an anomoly, but I get 35 slim in all my Gustins, they've all worked out fine, and when I ordered the Heavyweights, I also ordered 35 slim despite their suggestion to size up, and they fit me great. However, they do provide great difficulty in this whole "buttoning" thing. Holy shit those things hurt my fingers. I had to take a few days off in between the first couple of wears just so that my fingers could recover.
So regarding washing/soaking before hemming, I know this is encouraged to get shrinkage out, but does it set dye? Because I want good fades on some... no fades on others... and I just want to keep the shine on my grey silks...   thanks!
I'm a 10.5EE in AE, and I've found that Hiro in 10UK fits pretty damn well overall.
 Great, thanks! If it changes anything, my order number is 13694...
I put in my order for two shirts on August 9th, and it still says my status is unfulfilled. I've emailed Luxire twice with no response. Is this normal? I'm very patient, but seeing as I dropped 230 bucks I'd at least like a little "hey, we're alive, we're doing stuff with your shirts." Thanks.
Does Meermin update us throughout the process of making the GMTOs? I got in on those antique oak or chestnut or whatever chukkas with the half commando sole a few weeks ago, just curious to see how this whole thing works out. first GMTO for me.
I put in my first Luxire order bit over two weeks ago and haven't heard anything so far. Is this normal? I'm not impatient at all, I'm in grad school, this isn't an urgent order, I'm just curious as to how long it will take. I ordered two shirts, since I used PC to get a few great fitting shirts before moving over to Luxire. I requested several custom features to both shirts, but I'm still curious as to how long it will take to receive them. I also emailed them a few days...
how long can I expect for an order to ship? I just put in an order for two shirts sunday night. Is it generally less than 2 weeks or what?
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