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I mean I just ordered it up in the gable without pleats if that helps? Or does that just make me look totally insane?
What are the chances of making alternate gables/taylors that don't have pleats a standard stock option? I've got a weird torso, so stuff with a 12-13" rise looks better on me, but I'm just not huge on pleats... having to MTO everything is kind of a pain in the ass.
Those of you that are me and currently don't own any epaulet pants, but have a long torso and need higher rise pants to look normal, and really like the look of the gables/taylors (cause I'm terrified of getting pants without belt loops,) what would you recommend with sizing?   I know this was JUST covered, sort of, with people that actually own epaulet pants, but I'm coming in here blank, ready for this EFF. my best fitting pair of jeans is a Gustin straight 34 that's...
Pics of those Jodphurs on foot? I would really love some Jodphurs but I'm scared those might be too tall... I don't know, all I own is chukkas double monks and the CS wholecut loafers skoak was selling a few months ago.
What are the chances of PC making pants in the future? I love getting shirts that actually fit me, and I would also love to get pants that fit me...
How's the fit on olfe vs hiro? I'm usually a 10.5EE US, I get UK10 in the hiro last, I imagine I'd do the same for olfe? or would I need to go up another size, which if that's the case, it's probably not worth it lest I look like a clown...
Any word on t shirt shrinkage? that slub 3 pack is calling my name... but I don't have any of their t shirts and don't wanna make assumptions about fit if they're just gonna go on and shrink. those Ls would fit me perfectly if they didn't shrink at all, but I don't know about that...
 I too would be interested in a slightly dressier version of that CS GMTO. If we did the same suede plus calf bottom over a double leather or dainite sole I would definitely be in.
Anyone have any advice for how to get my shoes to stop squeeking? my LM hiro double monks start squeeking after I walk in them for a few hours at work. How can I get this to stop? They're like entirely broken in and quite comfortable, except for that damned squeek come 2pm every day.
If you already have two dark brown shoes you may want to consider the burgundies. that's what I'd go for anyway.
New Posts  All Forums: