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Two questions: does anyone have any info on Gosha Rubchinskiy Sizing? What is SMALL chest wise? And secondly, where to find these?
Said 'manners' come following excrement. Said 'manners' also come into play after seeing constant needless tedious updates.
I smell excrement.
By 'thing', do you mean some liking the versatility of sweatpants?Could you possibly wait, around, five to ten years?
I have some 511 3D wash, absolutely cracking jeans. I swear by them. Levis4LifeIDST.
thrifting a geller bomber?
Been after these for a while now. As far as I am aware, they were on sale and I cannot find them anywhere. If anybody spots em, PM me. White Mountaineering x Tretorn Boot
Does anybody else (on mobile browser) see a walking sneaker...?
Nothing dude, nothing.
Just let him have his moment. His username is swagged.
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