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Anyone know of any decent fingerless gloves? saw some nonnatives ages ago but can't find them? thanks
Oh and just pre ordered a splendid new coat. Hope to get it by this evening. Will keep pointlessly fucking updating and quoting myself
My girlfriend bought me new jeans so I'm a happy Man. Custom ones aswell.
I currently have: 261 pairs of jeans. Custom of course 26 blue shirts (all the Same of course) coats, jackets etc. Hope to be 'Kopping' by May 2021 so fingers crossed my collections last that long
I wanna see more of the first fit. jacket looks fire.
Two questions: does anyone have any info on Gosha Rubchinskiy Sizing? What is SMALL chest wise? And secondly, where to find these?
Said 'manners' come following excrement. Said 'manners' also come into play after seeing constant needless tedious updates.
I smell excrement.
By 'thing', do you mean some liking the versatility of sweatpants?Could you possibly wait, around, five to ten years?
I have some 511 3D wash, absolutely cracking jeans. I swear by them. Levis4LifeIDST.
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