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Thanks for your response. I agreed to pay separate shipping costs for separate shipping.It seems to me that the seller is violating eBay's TOS by having the shipping costs be a profit center ($69.75 combined shipping cost to buyer and $15 cost to buyer).Here is eBay's TOS for seller shipping:Sellers are allowed to:Charge actual shipping costsInclude the cost of packaging materials, insurance, and deliveryInclude delivery confirmation or extra services in the handling...
I don't want to return the items. They fit well and were an excellent bargain. I just feel ripped off by the combined shipping on their end.
I tried but eBay's automated inquiry format made it hard to ask for a shipping discount. When prompted, the answer was the seller doesn't offer discounts. I didn't see another way to ask them .Reading eBay's Terms of Service, it says the seller can only charge actual costs plus handling fees for supplies, etc.I paid $13.95 x 5 = $69.75 for a package that probably cost the seller $10 - $15 to mail.This appears to violate the Terms of Service, correct?
What is eBay's policy when a seller does not offer combined shipping but combines shipping on their end? I recently purchased 5 sport coats and paid $13.95 EACH for shipping and was more than a little pissed off when they all arrived (very wrinkled) in one USPS Priority Mail box.
Wearing one of my favorite pairs of cuff links today. This pair is red enamel on sterling with British hallmarks. The other sides are English Three Pence coins from 1943. These were made before Jamaica gained its independence in 1962.
Anything from the seller "linda*s***stuff". How the heck this seller has 364,926 feedback on Ebay is amazing. Take for instance this listing: I guess the seller doesn't have an iron, lol. Descriptions such as: •Collar: Fold down pointed, notched collar and lapel •Sleeve Type: Long Sleeves •Neckline: V-neck •Print or...
#99 (number correlates to my personal inventory #): Berry Bros. Rudd Guadelope 12 year old rum. This rum, along with other aged rums from BBR originating in Panama, Grenada, St. Lucia, Barbados & Fiji, recently became available wholesale in Delaware through a small distributor. I purchased one bottle of each to taste and share with customers. The first one I opened was the BBR Guadelope 12 year old rum. This is a rhum agricole product from this French Island. It has a...
I finally was able to order some of the very hard to find English Harbour 25 year old, as well as a bunch of aged rums from English wine merchant Berry Bros & Rudd. These should be delivered to me within a week. I'll post tasting notes on them when they arrive.
#94 - Clement V.S.O.P. Rhum Vieux Agricole, Martinique. Nice notes of lemon rind and cocoa bean. I've heard nice things about this and am glad it is finally available in Delaware at $35.99US retail. Not the most complex of the other rhums I've had from Martinique, it is still very enjoyable. Perhaps the white, not gold, base rum is the difference for me in liking, not loving, this offering.
Just booked an August, 2011 trip to Jamaica. Will be bringing back some Appleton Master's Blend Legacy and Edwin Charley The Foundation, both of which don't get exported.
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