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That's a fucking rough way to make a living. hoozah is right - you need safety and materials credentials before they'll even look at you, since on those kinds of jobs you're a danger to everybody and not just yourself. If you're serious, look at mining first. The pay's not as good unless you wind up in bumfuck nowhere, but the work's generally safer and there's a lower barrier to entry.
I've already got a pair of Alden chukkas, along with a ton of other leather boots. They're all way too heavy for my ankle - my Alden loafers are borderline right now, in that regard - and the hard soles don't absorb enough of the impact.
I fucked up my foot and ankle trail-running , and while things heal I need to buy a new pair of comfy, really supportive sneakers. I need a hightop with really good ankle and arch support, but that doesn't look it. For reference, when I say comfortable, I mean it: regular sneakers like Pro-Keds, Adidas, Vans etc. aren't cutting it at all. The only shoes that aren't killing my feet are my actual running shoes, and I can't be walking around in those all the time. Basically,...
Jesus Christ. That's an atrocity.
I've also had good experiences with Herring Shoes. In my case, I picked up pairs of Loake derbies and chelsea boots early this year for about 260 dollars all-told. Herring was great to deal with, even when there was a bit of an issue - not their fault - with the shipping company. The Loakes themselves are nothing fantastic, with that combination of mediocre leather but decent construction that some British shoe companies seem to do. You really can't go wrong for the...
Good god, fur-lined Wallabees are a terrible idea. If it's cold enough to need lining then it's way too cold to be wearing crepe soles. You'll be walking on rubber ice cubes. I vote for Katahdins, or, yeah, Sorels when it's really cold.
Good god, those look like orthotics. Definitely not addition by subtraction.Semi-related note, anyone seen a re-soled DB that actually looks good? I've got a pair of beat-to-shit black leathers that I'd like to get fixed up, but all the sole styles I've seen tried just look rough.
No, Adidas has black resplits.
I'm looking for a casual canvas backpack for this summer - something I can lug on some community outreach work and not look like a total douche. I like the shape + size of the Fossil Wagner backpack but the quality feels pretty shitty. Any higher-quality alternatives? I need something with a laptop pocket and light weight, so army surplus is out, and so's Filson stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by AntiHero84 True, but their new henleys look alright. I did notice those - but that's a lot of money for a henley that, let's face it, will fit badly anyway. Seriously, I think I got my Wings & Horns henleys for less than that. It's absurd.
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