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 Hey Guys, they also come in a striped fabric of the same colours. As far as fit, we haven't received them yet to confirm but I think it'll be similar to the fisherman shirt from last season, ie true to size. It's a great layering piece and the colour is awesome.
we're more than happy to help with these missed connections.  Should be a good time!! Hope to meet all you guys later tonight!! Should be starting promptly at 6. - roland
@false and any one else really, I wouldn't sweat being a lurker or anything close to it. All are welcome. We'll be sure to let our bouncer know, just make sure you know the secret style forum handshake.   just kidding.   really though, we want to be clear that everyone can come and enjoy.   -michael 
Considering the huge space Crown Vic isn't a bad idea.   Also, the walk to Greenpoint is a breeze, so we personally wouldn't be mad at that idea, especially if there are connections involved.
As people have been mentioning, before we can go about giving options it's probably best to get a head count. There are a few places we have in mind, but if we have too many people they would quickly be taken out of the running.    Do you guys like ambient lighting and intimate settings?    Seriously.   Do we have an idea of who will be making it out?   Let us help! AHHH   -Michael
Sorry guys, don't have a TV at the shop. We'd never get any work done!!
Just to be clear, can I come?   -michael
wow, this thread picked up pretty fast! Glad to see that people will be attending and now we can get somewhat of a head count for the night.   thank you for that amazing introduction Synthese we apologize for the late response!   while all of the information needed has been covered, we are equally excited to host this event for our style forum supporters.    we look forward to kicking back, downing a brew or two, and connecting with all of the attendees.    during...
Oh believe me, I'm checking... I will be the one calling all you cats out for being weird internet dudes. Is that the phrase you used in the original post? not even sure, but im sticking with it.  Will be getting wasted, so as to not be awkward myself...  - roland
I'm wearing mine, from Leffot today!
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