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LA Guy hahaha 
Greetings folks,   Quick update. As Fall shipments continue to trickle in, we wanted to highlight a few pieces from Our Legacy, Nanamica, and Camoshita   Our Legacy Coat Ten in Snow Black Herringbone (our good friend Jian at Complex lost his shit upon witnessing this coat haha)   Camoshita Gauze Wool Jacket (Camoshita wool outerwear program this season is extremely strong. Every piece!) Nanamica Gore-Tex Lining Soutien Collar Coat (easily our favorite outerwear...
Greetings Folks,   A quick heads up.   We currently marked down our selection of Carmina's for a limited time only.     Check them out here for more details!   Hope you all have a great weekend!    -Gentry NYC 
edubs01 since they've opened a new location in Soho (next to Blue in Green), they pulled our accounts. We will not be stocking RMC from here on out.
Greetings all,   Just a small update:   We have plenty of new arrivals from Junya Watanabe, Engineered Garments 2nd Drop, Our Legacy 2nd Drop, Gitman Vintage, Nigel Cabourn, Ovadia & Sons, Todd Snyder by Champion, New Balance Converse, and Paraboot.    Below we have a few highlights from this season we'd like to share with you: Junya Watanabe Olive Hood Coat (Easily our favorite piece this season. The details are pretty amazing) Nigel Cabourn Cameraman Mixed...
Greetings all,   Wanted to drop a few updates since we've been open and things are starting to move smoothly again.    First, the sale is now up to 80% off with select goods from The Real McCoy's (at 30% off) and New Balance now added to the sale list amongst others.  For more details on what is on sale, click here.    We've had quite a bit of fall deliveries trickling in from Engineered Garments, Junya Watanabe, New Balance, Our Legacy, Ovadia & Sons, Paa hats, and...
Just a quick heads up...     We are happy to announce that our temporary space is now open!   address: 109 S 5th St. Suite 101 Brooklyn, NY (between Berry & Bedford)   Opening with first drops from Engineered Garments, Our Legayc, Junya, and more.   See you soon!   -Adrian
 Hey Guys, they also come in a striped fabric of the same colours. As far as fit, we haven't received them yet to confirm but I think it'll be similar to the fisherman shirt from last season, ie true to size. It's a great layering piece and the colour is awesome.
thank you! toothsomesound      Engineered Garments FW14 is now available online here   email us at: info@gentrynyc.com for any inquiries    -Gentry NYC 
Phil McCrackin Sincerely apologize for the sizing inconvenience - we bought this season according to how we did last season and we were left with many XL's. We can always make adjustments in the future.    tonion028 things have been quite hectic indeed, but we are making progress. Michael has responded to all emails yesterday. If by chance you still have not received a response, email me personally at: adrian@gentrynyc.com and I will make sure you are taken care of....
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