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  Watched Jackie Brown and Basic Instinct (both for the millionth time) yesterday..... Jackie Brown is a really great flick. Yet another strong female character from Tarantino. Excellent soundtrack as well. Basic Instinct was just annoying by comparison. Blech.
Had a great weekend in Holland last weekend. This week, four day work week, great weather all week, and another killer weekend coming up with a pool party on Sunday in a beautiful location... I need to figure out how to feel this good in winter too.. Just something about summer!
No not really. I know of a website that has luxury men's brands of shoes, but I dont think they have Louboutin. Might want to have a look anyway...
So Pink Floyd is releasing an album of material from the 90s? That's pretty cool. It shouldn't suck.
Party tonight, friend's bday as well, huge BBQ tomorrow... 57 burgers made by yours truly last night... gotta pace myself!
Just bought a small Bodum french coffee press off Amazon. Pretty stoked about it.
In the UK Spartoo has stuff at 70%, but almost everything is discounted at least by 20%, shoes and t shirts
Turning 38 tomorrow. Whoop dee doo... looking forward to drinks with friends after work... a little champers at the local bar in the sunshine!
^^ met someone recently who I thought I had a lot in common with and thought we were gonna be  new best friends. Then he gets all "I can't stand people who drink" and "what do you think of alcoholics?"  All I could do was be like, "most of my best friends are alcoholics.... and so am I, technically." The look on his face was absolutely fucking priceless.
Went up the mountain here in France to a traditional chalet type place and had an amazing fondue savoyarde. Yes, fondue in June, but the temp was quite cool up there, at about 1800m. Absolutely decadant food porn happened. It was lovely. :)
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