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Enjoyed a classic last night, Arizona Dream. I've seen this one a few times and had always felt somewhat bewildered afterwards, grappling and trying to find some kind of sense to the story. I realize now its all about Dreams (should have gotten that from the title)... but seriously, from the very first scene to the very last, even Jerry Lewis's character and his "American dream"... Great flick, lots of insane and "dreamlike" moments...
Two bottles of Cote de Rhone, some saucisson, Tomme de Savoie cheese and bread. The wine was excellent. Then I rolled home.
And suddenly all the channels changed their programming last night to show Robin Williams movies. I had forgotten how grim Good Morning Vietnam gets at one point. That film takes us on some major highs and lows, which is pretty impressive for a film, and its all Robin doing it. Not bad. That said, the other channel was showing Hook, and I honestly just couldn't see what everyone sees in that film.
Finally get to go away for the weekend, 3 day weekend coming up soon and planning to disconnect from phone and internet in the countryside with a big pool... and food... and drinks... can't wait!
Finally got a Bodum coffee press! Super happy with it and the result! Using a store brand 100% Arabica and it completely different than it did before...  
Barca is great of course, but if you are feeling like you want to get away from the busy city, you can take the train for just a couple of euros (less than 2 I think) to the first town South, Sitges. Sitges has a MUCH nicer beach that is actually natural (whereas Barcelona's beach is man made shipped-in sand with tons of bars and clubs...). Sitges is small and a great little romantic town to walk around for an afternoon if you want to be somewhere more low key and calm...
  Watched Jackie Brown and Basic Instinct (both for the millionth time) yesterday..... Jackie Brown is a really great flick. Yet another strong female character from Tarantino. Excellent soundtrack as well. Basic Instinct was just annoying by comparison. Blech.
Had a great weekend in Holland last weekend. This week, four day work week, great weather all week, and another killer weekend coming up with a pool party on Sunday in a beautiful location... I need to figure out how to feel this good in winter too.. Just something about summer!
So Pink Floyd is releasing an album of material from the 90s? That's pretty cool. It shouldn't suck.
Party tonight, friend's bday as well, huge BBQ tomorrow... 57 burgers made by yours truly last night... gotta pace myself!
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