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I feel sorry asking another question about New Standards, but I took some photos so hope it's easier. First pic is me wearing Earnest Sewn Filson, size 30. They fit comfortably around the waist. The second pic is Helmut Lang bootcut jeans, size 29. They fit somewhat tight around the waist and thighs but do not pose any threat to my sperm count.. Basically I like how both jeans fit. I slightly prefer the slightly tighter fit of Helmut Lang, but I would take either...
I'd be interested too if there are fabrics I like.
I placed my order for five shirts on Dec 22 and received them today. Everything else is fine but Ricky cut them too short. The difference between what I wanted and the actual shirts is as much as two inches, making look them odd when tucked out and hard to stay tucked in. I specified the same length as the last order, which fit me perfectly, but now for some reason they have been shorted by two inches. What should I do? Does anyone have experience regarding a dispute...
I buy PDC or Seven because of the fit. I can't stand anything that tapers. Levi's has some bootcut jeans but I have a slim figure and hip and thighs are usually too big for me. I like the fit of Seven best although I for some inexplicable reason hate girls wearing Seven jeans. I guess I'm being hypocritical but there's just something very repulsive about girls who wear Seven jeans and Ugg boots, and even in some hopeless cases, ponchos.
If it's indeed true as some members have reported that Rickey only charges after he has shipped the shirts, maybe the situation is improving: I placed my order for five shirts on 12/22 and my credit card was charged on 1/5. I think delivery usually takes 2 weeks so I'll find out soon and report back.
Doesn't seem to be working. I got "The Bluefly promo code you entered can not be used for this order." Anyone has a working one?
LA Guy, Do you know how the PDC 2SLMLR ("Resin Prep") model fits at waist and thighs compared to LTD or ICN models? Thanks.
15% off: MISSEDYOU671 It expires on 12/18.
I think it's a really interesting topic. I insist on flat-front, full leg, but it may be because I'm pretty thin. If a person with huge thigs wore full leg, it might look ridiculous, i.e. Stacy Adams look.
Quote: Hopefully, a boutonniere. Yes, I was thinking of putting a boutonniere. I know appropriateness of wearing a boutonniere has been already discussed, but I think it can be pulled off even by a younger person. Like the model (his name is Eric Van Nostrand by the way) for Dior Homme is wearing.. I'm still mulling over whether I should put a razor through the closed buttonhole...
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