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 Like this?:  
I do. It's really nice. I got a 40 at first, because I got the last Fair Ends collab in 40, however this one comes up smaller so had to switch for a 42. Get it before it sells out.
Mina told me there would be a restock before Xmas.
 Thanks for sharing. No half sizes though - otherwise I would have had those Maine Guide shoes. 
I just backed the Ebbets ball cap. However, I've had a ball cap in past with a metal clasp and it dug into back of my head - not an Ebbets though. Anyone else had an Ebbets with metal clasp?
Whole outfit is spot on. I disagree that it's too long.I believe workshirts should be a bit looser, in the unlikely event that some kind of actual manual labour is required.
 That site does feel a bit scammy and slightly amateur, not least because there's no clear company address or contact phone number. Though I clicked around a bit and discovered that a company called Leftfoot are behind it, which is an established Singapore sneaker store. I'd guess it's legit and I'd be very surprised if any of this stuff was fake. Singapore is very advanced in many areas, but online retail is not one of them. In typical Singaporean retail style, I also...
 Ha, spot on.
 Love it. 
I would be astonished if that was the case. Surely they just forgot the tag.
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