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@mikegnthensome I was wondering when you might be restocking some L/42 Ts, you're almost completely sold out on the site. Thanks.   BTW, I've also finished soaking-soaking-washing my Utility Shirt in Cone Mills Indigo Selvage Canvas. It's a great shirt, but it's so heavy duty and still so stiff, I can't imagine ever being able to break it in. I feel like I'd have to single-handedly build a railway before it makes sense as an item of clothing.
 That made me laugh.  
  At last. I've been looking for a Magick Cast Spell Charm Pentacle Psychic Karma Goddess Witch bracelet for fucking ages.
 Give Dapper Dan a shout?
 I've got the 50s coverall in a 3, and I agree, they come up big. I wear the workshirts in a 4 though, because they come up small and I've really gone off the slim-fit look over the past year. Getting into a more relaxed fit. Apologies if I'm stating the obvious, but I would guess OrSlow has been mainly focused on the Japanese domestic market, hence the scarcity of larger sizes. 
 Yeah, I've thought that myself a few times. I've got the fatigue shorts and they've faded really nicely. I've got quite a bit of OrSlow, but all shirts and shorts. I'd love some jeans but they are all too short in the leg for me. My wife bought some of the jeans, they look great on her. I love their slubby denim. He does a lot of specials for Fennica in Beams, but I've not been in Tokyo when it's dropped the last few times, and it sells out pretty quick.
"Hot headed internet dudes" are a vital part of the food chain. They help to keep fawning fashion bloggers in check.
Do you think that blog post is her impartial opinion?
 The country of manufacture needn't be an issue if the brand doesn't make an issue out of the country of manufacture, if you catch my drift. Like Nigel Cabourn England. The country of manufacture needn't be an issue if you don't care too much about responsible manufacturing and workers' rights. The country of manufacture needn't be an issue if... I really wanted a third one, but I've run out of self-righteous sentences. :-) 
Accusing someone who runs or owns a business of "selling out" is a bit ridiculous. My complaint is about trading on your provenance and Britishness but then producing in China. If you're low end and mass market, no one gives a fuck. But you're on shaky ground at that price point, while also hawking to an extremely well-informed, savvy audience.
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