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I was going to order this apron, but I'm discouraged by the white straps - feel like they should be black. Or even leather.
Maybe I'm a cynic, but I'm guessing option 1.
It would be illegal to collect VAT and not pass it on to the Inland Revenue. But I don't know the situation if the VAT isn't actually due. I've got an idea they just pocket it.I stopped using Goodhood because they refused to stop charging unnecessary VAT.
Any company that charges VAT on goods exported outside the EU is ripping you off. Charging a government-mandated tax not due and then pocketing it is unacceptable.
I really like the IndigoxIndigo fabric on the latest chore coat but the way the collars look so big in the pictures puts me off.   It looks 70s but in a bad way, in particular the way they spread out so much. Is that just how the model is wearing it?   Anyone have any experience with chore coats in previous fabrics?
 I'd like a washed-out blue version.
 I love my Highlands shirts. I've got the British Khaki and the Olive.
Fuck me. Who'd have thought it? Brilliant. Pina Colada, Nigel?
No amount of irony could make that look acceptable. Maybe he should call it The Trigger.
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