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 When I worked in the West End I always used to go to Fifth Avenue Shoe Repairers at 41 Goodge Street. They were good but their prices reflected their central location. This is a good few years ago, though.
 OK, thanks. I don't want it too snug, maybe 50 is better.
 OK, thanks.
 If I run a tape measure round, it's 38".
 Very awesome. Reminds me of the cover of Vampire Weekend's Contra.
 She looks like a character from Yo Gabba Gabba!
Hello,   Can anyone please advise what size I would be in the Cameraman? I'm 183cm, 68kg. I've got long arms and a long torso.   Thanks.
It ain't like the old days, is it? Everything was better back. Even the women.
 They're "so 2009"? By the look of that site, they seem to aim to make high-quality shoes in classic styles. Doesn't that make them less of an anachronism than most?
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