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Is Hirsh real or just a super-troll?
Same here. I'm still not convinced. I feel like it's trolling on a level I'm unable to comprehend.
 Unfortunately, most journalism is people getting free stuff in return for reviewing things dishonestly. Selling display ads around a forum is fine, but if you start moving into being a content producer, everything changes. People will start sending in free stuff in the hope they will be featured in the "content" without having to pay for it. Will certain brands who buy display get more prominent coverage in the content? The brands will certainly expect so. It doesn't have...
 Yes and yes. I'd love a combo of straight fit up top with tapered leg.
 I think if one enjoys and benefits from using Styleforum for free, then it's only fair that you allow them to serve the ads that help it to exist. Respect for not allowing irritating ad formats.
 Yeah. I really want a Know My Dick logo T.
OK, fair enough. Wasn't sure what to do with it.
Are these Needles shirts a bit comical? Or is it just me? http://www.uptherestore.com/product/7-cut-shirt-medium-3
 Same here - my time zone meant I saw the email eight hours after it was sent. The indigo was all over by then. I just managed to order the brown. I'm a bit unsure about the sizing, so ordered a Medium and a Large. I couldn't see anywhere on the site where it mentioned the height and weight of the model.
What was your vision? Have you achieved that vision since adopting your handle? Do you feel like you've ridden some clichés?
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