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 This is continuing the "off topic" tangent, granted, but I just came back from my first visit to The Real McCoy's store in Tokyo. The store is beautiful and I spent a small fortune. I tried on their M65 and couldn't resist. Along with a bunch of other stuff. Got a bit carried away.
Hello,   Any Tokyo-based users know any good spots in Tokyo selling vintage Japanese posters?   @nicelynice?   Any recommendations much appreciated.   Thanks.
I use personalshopperj.com. Fast and reliable.
Yes, you're over-thinking it.
Real McCoy's is opening a store in London?
I go up to Tokyo twice a year and always spend a small fortune. There's so much good shit to buy.
If you don't want to go through sending Tenso your photo ID, personalshopperj.com is better. I've used him loads. And if you see something on a site that's not in their online store, he'll send someone there to buy it in person.
 Like this?:  
I do. It's really nice. I got a 40 at first, because I got the last Fair Ends collab in 40, however this one comes up smaller so had to switch for a 42. Get it before it sells out.
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