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Accusing someone who runs or owns a business of "selling out" is a bit ridiculous. My complaint is about trading on your provenance and Britishness but then producing in China. If you're low end and mass market, no one gives a fuck. But you're on shaky ground at that price point, while also hawking to an extremely well-informed, savvy audience.
   I agree with this, your comment about the pricing is spot on, @NickJohannessen. I've never purchased any Cabourn, and was about to because I liked one of the Lybro jackets. I was suspicious as to why no website stockists were upfront about where it was made. Until I discovered it was made in China. Putting a label in the neck that states Nigel Cabourn England and then inside you find out it's actually made in China is disingenuous, to say the least. I don't think you...
Hello @taylorstitch    Any idea when backers of the Swift Mills Utility shirt will see them shipped? Mine is still unfulfilled.   Thanks.
That's pretty funny. Taking your clothes as seriously as most of the people on here do (me included) deserves a good piss take every now and then. It's a pretty shallow hobby, after all.
Does anyone here own a Crescent Down Works down sweater? If you do, I need some help, please.   Have you ever actually worn it on a mountain or skied in it? Or worn it outside while snow is falling? If so, how is it?   Please advise.   Thanks...
 Moths are a fucking nightmare. I hate them. They ate through a bunch of my Pringle cashmere jumpers many years ago. Back then, you could take them in to Pringle on Bond Street and they'd send them up to Scotland and mend all the holes for free. Incredible service. Mind you, they were bloody expensive to buy. Yes, vacuum bags are the solution. Good luck.
Everything shrinks in a dryer. I never use it, I cold wash and only hang to dry. As a result I've never had any shrinkage with any of my TS.
If you go back through this thread you'll see that Yuketen sizing is a lottery depending on the style. I've got three different sizes.
 Welcome and congrats on your new job. Shirt looks pretty nice - there are some pics of a fella wearing it - what is his height/weight and what size is he wearing? I'd say it looks almost like it's a size too small for him - at least in the arms, anyway. Thanks.
 Yeah, "they're a bunch of miserable c**ts", as we say in London. A lot of the staff in those shops around there are pretty snobby. They seem reluctant to acknowledge that British society has changed somewhat since the 1950s.
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