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This is made using Big John's classic "KOIAI2" 12oz raw selvedge denim. Sanforized for minimal shrinkage.   It's an updated version of a Type III trucker jacket with side pockets and rear cinch. Made in Okayama, Japan.   It's a lovely jacket, but a bit too small for me. BNWT, never worn.   Flat rate tracked shipping via the postal service to anywhere in the world - USD30.   Measurements: Pit-to-pit: 50cm Shoulder-to-shoulder: 45cm
 I fully agree. I can't stand those contrived whiskering effects. They're often not in the right place, either, depending on your height.  Yeah, I think the time and effort gives the garment a lot more value, and you appreciate it more.   Same, although I sometimes have to check myself to avoid switching into "full urban lumberjack" mode. Haha. I love clothes but I sound like a pretentious twat sometimes. :-)
One of the things I like about raw denim is how you grow into them and they become unique. But I also like some of the raw denim brands because it feels like an antidote to the fast fashion of Uniqlo or H&M and so on, the cheapness of which makes it feel so disposable and a bit crap. Not to mention how the kids who work in the factories that make all that cheap shit are treated.   I get why Uniqlo is so popular - they're cheap and cheerful and follow trends. But I think...
Welcome to the lottery that is Yuketen sizing. Unfortunately they are frustratingly inconsistent. I've got Yuketens in three different sizes for three different styles. Sounds like you need to size up.
Lovely jacket, but too small for me. New with tags. Size 3.   Made in Japan from heavyweight 13.5oz denim, custom-woven for orSlow on vintage shuttle looms.   It's been washed once by orSlow to eliminate shrinkage and give it a comfortable fit.   Flat rate tracked shipping via the postal service to anywhere in the world - USD20.
I can't help with regard to who charges what for shipping, but I can give you some info on why a lot of websites won't ship to Indonesia. A friend works for one of the big logistics companies in Singapore and the problem they have with Indonesia is how much payment fraud there is, and then corruption, theft, inefficiency and extortion once a package arrives in country. It's difficult for them to operate in that environment. The second worst place for this is Russia,...
Thanks. Weirdly, my Country Rangers are 9.5 and my Maine Guides are 8.5.
Anyone familiar with sizing on the Angler Moc?   I'm US8.5 in Maine Guide but US9.5 in Country Ranger.
 I second that. You'd be hard pushed to find a difference in quality between those brands. It will come down to something intangible when you try them on.
 F**k me. That's insane. Which country do you live in?
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